Transparency and efficiency—the two pillars of logistics, now supported by digital technology

Janardan Dalmia, Founder and CEO of Trukkin.

By: Janardan Dalmia, Founder and CEO of Trukkin.

Janardan Dalmia, Founder and CEO of Trukkin.

The logistics industry around the world faces two major problems—transparency and efficiency. This causes most of the problems that the logistics industry is known for—including delays, damages and lost packages. Solving these problems was a challenge, and a challenge is what we needed to find an enabler that would bring about this change.

How can technology empower logistics

It was important to start from the basics. With extensive groundwork and assessment of the inherent problems, we concluded that transparency and inefficiency were the major causal factors for all the issues faced by the transportation industry in any country. Once the problems were identified, we then started towards finding innovative ways to solve them. 

Although these problems are interrelated, and one leads to another, we decided to solve them individually, while impacting the other indirectly.


The first problem we solved was of inefficiency. Most transporters, shippers, brokers and customers face issues that are caused by inefficiency. The result of inefficiency in transportation is majorly noticed by shippers and end customers in the form of delays in delivery timelines or lost parcels. Another way inefficiency impacts transportation is in the way paperwork is handled. Delays in collating the proper paperwork or inefficient paperwork can impact delivery times. Bad navigation and being unable to choose the shortest yet fastest way to the destination is another way inefficiency mars the transportation industry.

We decided to solve this problem with technology which would make delivery forecasting a breeze. This was accomplished with the amalgamation of digitization, mobile technology, GPS-enabled routing, AI and IoT—all rolled into one powerful, seamless, integrated intelligent interface. This intelligent interface will help drivers find the shortest and quickest routes, take basic paperwork completely online and use mobile technology and GPS navigation to ensure minimized communication gaps and routing issues. This interface will allow users, transporters and shippers to track their packages and get on-time deliveries. We believe that this will empower the energy, health, telecommunications and real estate industry by ensuring that materials required by them will reach in time and undamaged.


Transparency is a problem that plagues every industry, and the transportation industry even more so. Transparency impacts quality and reliability at every level. 

For drivers, transparency meant information about the route, adequate paperwork and timely pay-outs at the outset, so they could undertake the journey with confidence. 

For transporters, transparency lay in knowing package contents and any restrictions that could impact their delivery date at the destination. 

For shippers, transparency in pricing and vehicle type can impact the number of items they can ship and the condition they will be delivered in.

The interface developed by Trukkin solved this problem by taking the complete booking process online. This resulted in total transparency about the truck type, the type of goods to be delivered and the delivery location—helping everyone stay on the same page. Using the power of modern technology, a platform such as Trukkin can enable the timely and safe delivery of tens of thousands of items, with complete transparency. This has also enhanced the trustworthiness of the transportation industry as a whole and has made everyone involved in the supply chain to reduce in-transit losses.

It is problems such as these that drive the team at Trukkin to innovate and find solutions that work. We aspire to reduce the incidents of these problems through modern technology that is within everyone’s reach. Using intelligent routing algorithms, standardized pit stops and a world-class user interface, we aim to empower transporters, shippers, drivers and brokers—resulting in reduced incidents of theft and pilferage, decreased operational costs and in-time payments. 

We aim to be an enabler—helping every entity involved in the transportation business to reap the benefits of efficiency, transparency and reliability.