UAE AI App, School Hack, rubs shoulders with Bill Gates and Open AI Founder, Sam Altman


UAE’s very own (and first) AI company to interact with Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates and Open AI Founder, Sam Altman, at the exclusive event in San Diego by GSV Ventures. 

School Hack, a revolutionary new AI company, received global recognition for its game-changing impact on the education sector. With a devoted mission to enhance learning experiences for students around the world, School Hack has been invited to speak at an exclusive event in San Diego by GSV Ventures, the largest edtech investment firm whose founder was an early investor in Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

This prestigious event will feature prominent figures such as Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and philanthropist, and Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, the brilliant minds behind Chat GPT, both in attendance. School Hack’s invitation to this esteemed gathering is a testament to the company’s groundbreaking innovations and its dedication to transforming the education industry.

Born out of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), School Hack’s success story highlights the innovative spirit and creative minds that the UAE has fostered in the region. Many of the company’s brainchild products like “Study Buddy” and “Grades Up,” designed to help students streamline and elevate their learning experiences, are now used by students worldwide.

Muhammad Khalid, the founder of School Hack, has been an inspiring force behind the company’s vision and success, drawing motivation from his experiences in the UAE, a region that he describes as a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and innovation. Khalid has given credit to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the visionary leader of the UAE, for inspiring him to pursue big aspirations that challenge the status quo.

Speaking of the incredible opportunity School Hack has received, Khalid said, “We are humbled by this opportunity, and it is a testament to our mission and hard work. Our journey started in the UAE, and we are proud of our roots. We hope that our success inspires other innovative minds coming out of the UAE to aim high and dream big.”

School Hack’s road to San Diego is a significant milestone, but it is merely the beginning for the company’s ambitious plans to enhance education and drive meaningful change worldwide.

About School Hack:

School Hack is an UAE-born business that combines education technology with AI to revolutionize learning experiences for students globally. As one of the early adopters of ChatGPT technology, School Hack showcases the potential of AI-powered commercial and educational applications. The founders, a dedicated team of experts in AI and education, include Muhammed, Youssef, and Kayaan, who have passionately built the platform from the ground up.