UAE Artist Abdeloahed Tassahal launches NFT via a Free AirDrop


Local Artist Abdeloahed Tassahal announces his second NFT AirDrop that will include 500 limited edition NFTs based on his physical artwork.

United Arab Emirates: NFT Workx, a specialist NFT Services company who represent professional Artists, Photographers, Sports Clubs, Authors and Athletes from around the world, today announces the launch of artist Abdeloahed Tassahal second NFT.

Abdeloahed Tassahal is an artist who was born in the city of Agadir, Morocco and moved to the United Arab Emirates with his family in 1985, where at school, his art teacher discovered his artistic talent and since then, art has been everything in his life.

His genesis NFT AirDrop called ‘The Blue Cat’ was launched on the 15th December 2021 and more than 200 of the 500 limited edition items were claimed in the first 24 hours! The digital version of the original painting, tells the story of a blue cat waiting for her owner to return after she leaves the house for the day. Many of the collected NFTs have already been relisted on the resale market and Abdeloahed now plans to exhibit the physical painting both in the UAE and in the UK. 

Abdeloahed’s second Free NFT AirDrop called ‘Don’t Change’ which tells the story of how kindness is a strength, has just launched and is expected to also be extremely popular. You can register for this Free NFT AirDrop via the NFT Workx Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Telegram pages and this will also offer 500 limited edition items. 

“When we discovered Abdeloahed we knew he had real talent and it didn’t take us long to make the decision to represent him in the NFT space. We have big plans for his artwork including more NFT AirDrops, auctions and virtual and physical exhibitions… ” said Adam Leese, Co-Founder of NFT Workx Ltd.

Abdeloahed’s NFTs are also due to be displayed in NFT Workx new Virtual Gallery which is due to be opened in the coming weeks.

About NFT Workx Ltd  :

NFT Workx Ltd provide specialist NFT Services and represent professional Artists, Photographers, Authors, Sports Clubs and Athletes from around the world. Their services aim to help artists enter the world of NFTs and maximise the opportunities that these new marketplaces offer and at the same time, help to educate collectors and bridge the gap between traditional art and digital technologies.