UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi has returned to Earth, after completing a historic six-month mission in space and the whole world has eyes on the UAE, reveals Sprinklr Social Media Insights


The successful landing of SpaceX Dragon capsule aircraft on September 4th has not only propelled the UAE space program into the global spotlight, but also been regarded as the shifting wave in outer space travel. This was the first lengthy mission for the Arab world and the second human space journey for the UAE. It also marked the first time an Arab astronaut completed a spacewalk.

Locally, the buzz around the landing grew rapidly, as it is in line with the UAE’s National Space Programme and aligned with the nation’s strategies for science, technology and industry. Significantly, the UAE’s involvement also attracted major global attention, taking the world’s social media stage by storm. This data has been compiled using the social listening capabilities of Sprinklr Insights, aggregating mentions from India across selected news outlets, and social media platforms.

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Not just the UAE, but the whole world celebrates:

Of the more than 31,000 mentions from around the world, including in the UAE from 1st September – 22nd September 2023, more than 97 percent of these are from international mentions, shining a bright light on UAE’s space program on the global stage. Mentions of both Sultan Al Neyadi and Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre in line with the mission’s return to earth, and subsequent homecoming.  

Most popular hashtags:

As expressions of pride and excitement poured in from across the globe, SpaceX Dragon took centre stage in celebrations that dominated the UAE trending charts following its successful return to Earth. The trending hashtags list in the UAE looked like looked as follows: