UAE continues to attract some of world’s top performing students as Dubai strengthens position as global study destination

  • University of Birmingham Dubai awards top students 50% scholarship
  • Increasingly popular AI and computer science degrees to serve UAE’s economic vision
  • UAE’s best universities ‘are bridge between region’s top schools and jobs’

Dubai, UAE:  Top universities in the UAE have continued to attract some of the world’s brightest and most promising students ahead of the upcoming academic year, with the very best being awarded significant scholarships at one of the country’s leading institutions.

The University of Birmingham Dubai, one of the UAE’s only global top 100 ranked institutions, announced today that it has awarded its Provost 50% Scholarship to a selection of high performing individuals. The institution said it has enrolled “some of the world’s most outstanding students” on its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, reinforcing the emirate’s position as a prime study destination.

Among the top-flight students coming to the UAE for the new academic year are individuals who have secured close to the maximum grades possible in various education systems. One student from India studying the university’s MSc International Business course secured CGPA 9.88 in their undergraduate degree while a fellow Indian student enrolled on MSc Computer Science achieved Frist Class, GPA 5 in their undergraduate degree.

Among the most promising students enrolled on University of Birmingham Dubai’s undergraduate programmes is one, enrolled on BSc AI and Computer Science, who received five A*s in the British A-Level system and two, enrolled on BSc Psychology, who gained 99% in the CBSE Indian System.

Chris Taylor, Head of Student Recruitment at University of Birmingham Dubai commented: “Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, students around the world have shown an incredible ability to adapt to new environments and overcome obstacles in their paths.

“We are very proud to welcome such a capable cohort of students to Dubai this year. The UAE is increasingly being recognised as one of the world’s top places to live, study and work. We are seeing more and more interest from students in countries such as India and the UK who value a British institution and a word-class education situated in a futuristic city with a diverse job market.

“Some of our top students are studying artificial intelligence and computer and data science degrees – the kind of programmes that fit well into the UAE’s economic and industrial strategy. It is no secret that the UAE has some of the best schools and jobs in the region. Now we have the calibre of universities to bridge the gap between the two.”

School students and graduates from around the world have been accepting places on undergraduate and postgraduate courses in recent weeks after receiving their results. As one of the world’s top study destinations, the UAE is a popular choice among ambitious students and is home to institutions with their heritage and history rooted in countries from around the world.

The University of Birmingham is Dubai is currently constructing a new campus, which will be home to 2,900 students learning in iconic spaces with digitally enabled teaching facilities and wellbeing spaces to meet all students’ needs.

Quotes from beneficiaries of University of Birmingham Dubai Provost 50% Scholarship

“Upon receiving this award I felt a sense of accomplishment for all the hard work I have put in the last few years to reach the position I am at today. It was a very proud and memorable moment for me. In the upcoming academic guest, I am looking forward to growing as a person, finding more out about myself as well as the field I have chosen. Along with this, I am also looking forward to meeting new people and starting this new chapter in my life. This prestigious award is a privilege to receive and I will act as a motive source for me to do better and challenge myself to become better.” BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science – Bareera Zakir

“I am feeling incredibly grateful for the Provost Academic Scholarship. I’m looking forward to being surrounded by like-minded individuals (both professors and students) who have a passion for their fields and a desire for excellence. The award helps me by providing me with greater financial flexibility which allows me to invest more resources back into my studies and lets me support my relatives who need it.” BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science – Ruslan El Rabayah

“It gives me immense joy on securing the University of Birmingham Dubai Provost Academic Scholarship. The news of the classes going offline has got me all the more excited to start my college life. I look forward to visiting the new campus, learning, making some good friends, and having a great all-round college experience. There is no doubt that this scholarship has given me an added motivation to work hard when my classes start and give it my hundred percent. It is indeed an honour to be granted this prestigious scholarship and I am eagerly waiting for my first year to begin.” BSc Psychology – Rida Jaleel

“I feel extremely honored to receive the Provost award. I owe my success to the teachers at The Indian High School, my friends and most importantly, my mother who has supported me through every step of the way in my journey. I am looking forward to a year filled with endless learning, competition and challenges that make me broaden my horizon. In addition to that, I look forward to enjoying my first year at university to the fullest and making lifelong challenges at UOB. The provost scholarship has helped me greatly as I will now be able to invest in things that will add to my overall profile.” BSc Psychology – Riya Sabherwal