UAE-Founded PureBorn Sees Impressive Expansion Throughout The Middle East and Europe In 2021;


400% Sales Increase Fueled by a Surge In Demand for Eco-Friendly Yet Affordable Products and E-commerce Solutions

PureBorn to become available across 15 new countries by July 2021

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: UAE-founded PureBorn, spearheaded by Founder Hannah Curran has seen a rapid growth and demand for the brand by over 400% in all markets, encouraged by the increased demand by consumers for eco-friendly yet affordable products across many sectors, with one being in childcare.  

Founded 4 years ago in Dubai, PureBorn is gaining that all important shelf space in super-markets and retailers throughout not only the Middle East but the expanding range of territories including UK, Latvia, Cyprus and Ireland, competing with the multi-nationals in the ‘green and natural’ sections.  

Alongside retail point of sale PureBorn has seen a rapid growth over the last year for their e-commerce platform, due to consumer purchasing behavior shifting during Covid-19 but more so through their wide network they are able to reach, shipping to all countries that are yet to have presence of their own and being available in multiple languages including Arabic, Latvian and Dutch.

“2021 is going to be an incredibly busy and exciting time for the brand as we see PureBorn becoming available within 15 new countries by July as well as a range of new product lines and developments on the way.  We are continuously looking for ways to further advance and are presently developing three new naturally formulated, eco conscious ranges with a total launch plan of 30 products for the entire family by September 2021,” comments Hannah Curran.

PureBorn is constantly evolving and improving products to meet the increase in consumer demands, seeing many more customers becoming eco-conscious and well educated on the best sustainable practices out there. Unlike large multi-national companies PureBorn has the ability to being agile and make changes quicker, therefore always able to stay on top and ahead of the latest sustainable innovations.

This year the brand launched new Chamomile Wipes which underwent16 months of development, with rigorous trialing, they are formulated to protect the environment and children’s sensitive skin at the same time. Made of 98.8% water to dissolve the ingredients and cleanse the skin and Organic Chamomilla Recutita that soothes, heals and naturally cleanses.

PureBorn currently has retail presence throughout the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UK, Netherlands, India, Latvia and Cyprus and has a global reach through

About Pure Born: 

Pure Born was created to support the environment, parents and their little ones. From establishing a founding ethical ethos, to using only the safest ingredients in formulating their products, Pure Born aspires to continue their efforts in building a brand that prides itself on pure transparency. The idea of Pure Born came about in 2016 when Founder Hannah Curran noticed there was a gap in the Middle Eastern market with no products combining eco-friendly formulas, an affordable price point and trendy designs, all at the same time. The idea blossomed into tangible products that were launched in the UAE at the end of 2017. In order to launch, Hannah worked tirelessly and solo to source organic, safe and environmentally friendly ingredients and suppliers to tie together a seamless range of baby nappies and wet wipes that you get to see in their product category today. They successfully developed formulas with safe ingredients to produce baby nappies and wet wipes that are ultra-soft, to provide maximum comfort for your little ones. Pure Born proudly claims that no trees are harmed in the making of our nappies and wet wipes. We stay true to our cause – Live Clean, Give Back & Smile Often.