UAE-registered boat “Bayanat” to circumnavigate the world in the Golden Globe Race (GGR) 2022

  • GGR 2022 is a non-stop race that involves sailing solo
    for over 48,000kms without any modern technology 
  • UAE-based geospatial AI company will sponsor Commander (Ret.) Abhilash Tomy for
    GGR 2022, 
    considered one of the most challenging human venture 
  • Bayanat will use the global race as an opportunity to deploy its advanced maritime monitoring services and collect data on microplastics in the ocean 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Bayanat, a G42 company specializing in AI-powered geospatial intelligence, has announced its sponsorship of Commander (Ret.) Abhilash Tomy in his attempt to win the prestigious Golden Globe Race 2022.

Abhilash will sail in a UAE-registered sailboat aptly named ‘Bayanat’ which will race under the number 71, the year in which the UAE was formed.

Considered the world’s toughest and longest sailboat race, GGR 2022 is a grueling non-stop circumnavigation of the world, where participants sail alone without the use of any modern technology and armed only with sextants and paper charts. The race spans approximately 48,000 kilometers and begins on September 4, 2022 from Les Sables-d’Olonne located on the western coast of France.

After spending several years as a decorated officer in the Indian Navy, Commander (Ret.) Abhilash Tomy was the first Indian to complete a solo, non-stop circumnavigation of the world by boat. Specializing in maritime reconnaissance, he has sailed over 100,000 kilometers and has participated in several global challenges including the Cape Town to Rio Race in 2011, the Spanish Copa del Rey Race in 2014, and the Korea Cup in 2015 and 2016.

Abhilash Tomy commented: “Circumnavigating the world non-stop in a sailboat is one of the most challenging achievements an individual can attempt – so far only 79 people have managed to do it. I had a tragic accident when I had last attempted GGR in 2018. I have fought hard, trained and it’s hugely satisfying to be taking up the GGR 2022 challenge with the backing of Bayanat, a company that firmly believes in enabling human progress.”

Bayanat’s CEO Hasan Al Hosani added: “Never ones to shy away from a challenge ourselves, we jumped at the opportunity to support Abhilash in his attempt to successfully circumnavigate the globe. The determination and the courage that’s required to do this is something that resonated with us. Bayanat’s support of Abhilash’s participation in GGR 2022 demonstrates our continued commitment towards research and development, and in supporting extraordinary human achievement. As a business, we offer geospatial solutions that drive national digital transformation with emphasis across mobility, sustainability and environmental protection, and thus we see our partnership with Abhilash as a perfect pairing.”

During his journey, Abhilash will aid in ongoing scientific work, including the collection of water samples which can be analyzed for up to date insight on the presence of microplastics in the world’s oceans.

In addition, a small section of Abhilash’s sailboat will be painted with a special paint which will serve as a reflectance target for satellites, representing a one-of-a-kind opportunity to collect calibrated data during the race.

About Bayanat:

Bayanat provides comprehensive world-class geospatial AI solutions to a growing number of sectors such as defense, environment, energy and resources, smart cities and transportation. Bayanat’s solutions harness vast amounts of premium and unique data from a range of Earth observation sources such as satellites or High-Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) as well as a variety of other sensors paired with AI to drive truly intelligent decision making.