UAE Strategic Communications Agency Manara Global Expands Presence to Masdar City, Abu Dhabi


 Manara Global, a leading strategic communication agency, embarks on its next phase of growth as the agency announces their expansion within the UAE with a new hub located in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.

Positioned in the heart of this sustainable urban community, the new hub in Masdar City offers an innovative and eco-friendly workspace for the Manara Global team, aligning perfectly with the agency’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

This strategic move not only underscores Manara Global’s commitment to deepening its ties with the Abu Dhabi and UAE government sector but also highlights its momentum in the private sector, following several significant client account wins in the technology sector, such as G42 Cloud. The hub in Masdar City marks a pivotal step in the agency’s wider expansion plans that envision further outreach across the region and internationally.

“Our expansion into Abu Dhabi, particularly Masdar City, is a strategic leap in our journey,” stated Teri O’Donnell, Founding Partner and Chair of Manara Global. “With recent wins in the technology sector and our increasing engagement in the Abu Dhabi and UAE government sector, this new location empowers us to serve our clients more effectively while also resonating with our focus on sustainability and our purpose-led values.”

Amier Alawadhi, Acting Director of the Masdar City Free Zone welcoming Manara Global said, “I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Manara Global as they join our dynamic and thriving business community. Manara Global’s decision to establish their presence here is a testament to the appeal of Masdar City as a hub for innovative companies to grow. Our comprehensive ecosystem of over 450 business activities ensures that we provide the necessary infrastructure and support for companies across various sectors. We are excited to see Manara Global leverage the opportunities offered in Masdar City and look forward to witnessing their contribution to our ever-expanding network of businesses.”

Since its inception in Dubai in 2019, Manara Global has been working tirelessly with clients across the region. The interest in its services has grown exponentially, not just regionally, but internationally, leading to multiple client engagements outside of the Middle East, such as London Business School.

The expansion to Masdar City, Abu Dhabi forms part of the Agency’s strategic plan for growth which also includes the development of further service offerings, partnerships, and new hires to bring further expertise into the Agency. A focus of the Agency’s strategic plan is on innovation which will see a range of technology solutions taken up and a greater focus on the Agency’s Insight and Intelligence team – the Ma’refa (meaning knowledge in Arabic) team – which will be providing comprehensive insights into the region, with a particular focus on the UAE.

Robin Gordon-Farleigh, Founding Partner of Manara Global, commented, “As we align with the UAE’s National Year of Sustainability, our presence in Masdar City not only positions us closer to our valuable clients but also underscores our commitment to sustainable practices and innovation. With our Ma’refa team, we have enhanced our capacity to deliver insightful and region-specific intelligence, with a nuanced focus on the UAE. This is a pivotal era for Manara Global, as we embrace cutting-edge technology solutions and strategically position ourselves to lead, innovate, and drive meaningful impact in the field of strategic communications.”

About Manara Global:

  • Manara Global is a strategic communications and advisory agency partnering with businesses, governments, and organizations to enhance their reputation, define their purpose, and shape their communication strategy to connect with audiences in a human-centric way. Our purpose is to help leaders, businesses, and organisations to thrive, make a difference, and succeed. Our team bring unparalleled experience from the highest levels of Government and business. We have directly advised Prime Ministers, founders, globally leading CEOs and boards, and ultra-high net worth individuals.
  • Information on the Founders of Manara Global can be found here:
    • Teri O’Donnell is Founding Partner & Chair of Manara Global and is acknowledged as a leading reputation management specialist with over twenty years’ global experience. Previously, as partner at Freuds London, Teri counselled founders and boards belonging to some of the world’s biggest and most established businesses and brands – both public and private, across a range of industries; professional services, oil and gas, technology, energy, food and beverage, health, and well-being.
    • Robin Gordon-Farleigh is Founding Partner of Manara Global and is recognised internationally as a leading specialist and expert in government strategic communications, media strategy and public diplomacy (soft power) communications. Robin has advised international governments at a senior level across the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and Europe on government strategic communications, and spent over six years working for the UK Prime Minister’s Office as a senior communications strategist, during which time he advised two UK Prime Ministers (Rt Hon David Cameron and Rt Hon Theresa May).