UAE’s Largest Survey of Corporate Volunteering Aims to Understand Volunteering Trends Nationwide

A camp counselor with five multi-ethnic children at summer camp, sitting on a playground, working together to make a large chalk drawing of planet earth.
  • Every company and organization is invited to be part of the initiative
  • Questions focus on the alignment between corporate volunteering and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • The research will seek to understand the impact that organizations and employees are making to the country’s societal development
A camp counselor with five multi-ethnic children at summer camp, sitting on a playground, working together to make a large chalk drawing of planet earth.

Dubai, UAE: Companies and organizations across the UAE are being asked to take part in the largest ever survey of corporate volunteering in the country. The research, led by KPMG, the COO Network and IMPACT2030, seeks to address how common corporate volunteering is, how closely aligned it is to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the overall impact of corporate volunteering on the UAE’s societal development.

Once complete, the data will be used to develop insights and recommendations as to how organizations can better engage their people, collaborate with partners such as charities and the public, and help measure the impact of corporate sustainability. The overall aim of the research is to better understand how to improve the way UAE-based companies’ support the SDGs through corporate volunteering.

“Corporate social responsibility plays a key role in the UAE. Covid-19 has underscored the need for empathy and the importance of giving back to our communities. Corporate volunteering is an opportunity to showcase an organization’s values, as they relate to the wider society,” stated James Babb, Partner and IMPACT Champion, KPMG Lower Gulf

The survey comprises six information areas: general information about the company; the organization’s corporate volunteering policy and strategy; overall corporate volunteering capacity; volunteering program resourcing; how the company measures its corporate volunteering, and any regional context to an organization’s corporate volunteering policy. The survey is the second piece of research that IMPACT2030 is conducting for the UAE; IMPACT2030 released the first report into the UAE’s state of corporate volunteering in 2018.

“Given the national interest in volunteering, there is considerable opportunity for growth and development when it comes to promoting corporate activities,” said Mandip Dulay, Founder and Board Member of the COO Network and a member of IMPACT2030’s UAE Executive Committee. “With this research, we hope to provide insight about the evolution of corporate volunteering in the UAE and to help organizations better understand how they can support the Sustainable Development Goals at a local level. I ask every organization to respond to this year’s survey, so we’re able to develop a robust picture of corporate volunteering in the UAE.”

The survey will be live from today and until the 15th January 2021. The survey can be accessed here at 

About IMPACT2030:

We were founded in response to UN Resolution A/RES/66/67, which called on the United Nations to further engage with the private sector “through the expansion of corporate volunteering and employee volunteer activities.” IMPACT2030 is facilitating avenues for cross-sector and cross-industry collaboration; initiating joint commitments on human capital investments for the SDGs at a local level, national and country level; and developing a frameworks and methodology to measure the outcomes and impact of human capital investments on the SDGs. IMPACT2030 is 52 Partner companies strong – and growing – with millions of employees collectively acting as multipliers of impact around the world.