UAE’s Prominent Laparoscopic Surgeon opts for Robotic Surgery in Bariatric Procedures amidst Covid-19 pandemic


The robotic surgery industry generates almost $3 billion in revenues per year, and this number is expected to grow by almost 15% per year until 2022

UAE: In the COVID-19 era, when carrying out surgeries has become difficult, Robotic Surgery can provide minimally invasive procedures to patients, while providing greater protection to the doctors and other healthcare professionals, when compared to manual surgical procedures. An estimated number of 313 million people all over the world undergo surgery everywhere. With the looming COVID-19 crisis, the health of these patients has been compromised. Currently, Robotic technology comes as a solution to the surgical challenges. Versius robotic surgery redefines the UAE healthcare sector.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Girish Juneja an experienced Laparoscopic and General Surgeon in the UAE has always looked forward towards the advancements in the field of Minimally Invasive Surgeries. One such leap in this segment has been the introduction of the CMR Surgical Robotic System, Versius. The Versius system is a cutting-edge Surgical Robot introduced to offer several benefits to the patients undergoing minimally invasive surgeries and a superior experience to the surgeons as well. 

Dr Girish Juneja, performed his very first case on the Versius Robot after weeks of training and here’s what he had to say about it, “Patient safety is our key priority and with COVID-19 we need to make sure we can conduct surgery in the best way possible for patients. We believe that surgical robotics offers this enhanced safety for patients. With physical distancing maintained while the surgeon sits at the console, this has the potential to reduce the likelihood of the patient or surgical team catching COVID-19.”

“When I first saw the Versius Robot, I knew the transition from laparoscopy to Robotic Surgery is going to be effortless. The entire design of the Versius system came across as ergonomic and the arms of the system felt just like that of a Surgeon, with the joints and the maneuverability. Additionally, it gives us the freedom to go ahead and place the arms as per our convenience and based on what’s best for the patient. The Surgeon console on the other hand is very well designed, with the open console I can observe my team, the patient, and the arms at all times. This improves our communication and makes for a very safe and sound surgery.”

“In terms of the most important aspect to consider here, the patients, the Versius System’s port placement and traction of the abdominal wall is much lesser than Laparoscopic surgery. This really helps in a quicker recovery period and due to the small trocars, the chances of infection and port side hernias certainly reduce considerably.” 

“I personally feel being a Bariatric (weight loss) Surgeon especially for my patients who are usually with high BMI (For weight loss –Bariatric procedures) the Versius Robot has created 

a great balance between satisfying the needs of a Surgeon in the minimal invasive segment as well focusing largely on the patients and their betterment resulting in more precise surgery, lesser pain, faster recover, lesser chances of infection and blood loss, earlier 

discharge from the hospital, less scarring and a shorter recovery with better clinical outcomes. This Robot is going to allow us to expand our scope as surgeons and achieve a lot more without comprising on the safety of the patients.” 

Versius is a next-generation surgical robot developed to bio mimic the movement of the human arm and is controlled by surgeons via a console and screen. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of patients, surgeons and surgical teams alike. Versius complements and extends to improve outcomes for patients. Compared to manual laparoscopy, the fully articulated wrists, direct hand to instrument mapping, and integrated stable 3D HD visualisation on Versius provides incredible precision, control, dexterity and superb depth perception.