UAEU student obtains a patent for an ‎aircraft body drill


Maryam Al Kaabi from the College of ‎Engineering at the United Arab Emirates ‎University has invented a drill for aircraft ‎body, while working on a “Mubadala”-‎launched initiative to support the ‎university students’ research‏.‏

Maryam Al Kaabi, who has a Bachelor’s ‎degree in Mechanical Engineering and a ‎Master’s degree from the UAEU, said: I ‎was part of a team consisting of two ‎colleagues and our supervisor, we were ‎able to invent an “automated” drill to help ‎make holes in the aircraft body to install ‎pieces. The tool light signifies that the it is ‎on standby mode. Moreover, the tool can ‎make such holes into the aircraft body at ‎the required angle and force.” She added: ‎We obtained a patent for this tool and ‎registered it through the UAEU Patent ‎Office‏.‏

She noted out that the UAE is a ‎pioneering and supportive environment in ‎the fields of innovation and sciences. The ‎UAE encourages innovators who have ‎capabilities in several fields. The world is ‎now a highly competitive place in which ‎who do not innovate and develop, they ‎will not keep pace with change. She said: ‎Innovation is the future, and the UAE is a ‎pioneer in anticipating and leading the ‎future‏.‏

Maryam Al Kaabi also said that “when I ‎worked on my master’s thesis at the ‎UAEU, we were developing and ‎inventing a new device in the field of the ‎‎”aluminum” processes and we are now ‎seeking a patent for it as well‏.‏