‘Unframed’ Live Art Show to Captivate Visitors at 360 MALL

  • Curated by 360 MALL and powered by ArtSpace, young talented artists in Kuwait will transform hoardings around the mall into a blank canvas on which impressions and illustrations that symbolize growth will be expressed.
  • 360 MALL will become an impromptu art gallery for two weeks aiming to promote the integration of art within public spaces

art-performance-360-mallKuwait: 360 MALL, Kuwait’s iconic shopping center, is hosting a live art show titled ‘Unframed’ by young talented artists in Kuwait who will transform four huge hoardings in the mall into works of art.

Powered by ArtSpace – a visionary concept in Kuwait, which aims to help one explore art as a personal talent and shape one’s own artistic voice – the paintings will be completed over a duration of two weeks for visitors to appreciate and enjoy.

360 MALL has recently organized several events that have seen artistic expressions come to life for shoppers to experience during their visit to the mall. Kuwait has one of the most prominent contemporary art scenes in the Gulf as several art galleries and museums showcase the talents around the country.

Claudia Lopusinska, Marketing Manager, 360 MALL, explained: “The ‘Unframed’ live art show has been specially conceived to encourage young talent that we have seen blossoming in Kuwait over the past few years. We believe that our mall has become an ideal platform to release creativity as we cultivate spaces to encourage such artistic expressions. By allowing artists to paint hoardings that will be converted into giant canvases, we hope that this art show is not only able to inspire creative people but also encourage the general public to appreciate this creativity.”

‘Unframed’ will allow artists over a period of seven hours daily to unleash their ideas on notions of growth and development and capture their imagination on a massive canvas. These paintings will be done in public so mall visitors will have the opportunity to be part of the overall experience as the art comes to life. 360 MALL believes in the importance of endorsing art as a social and participatory process within the public sphere and thereby create a culture of individuals who value and encourage the presence of art within their surroundings.

About 360 MALL:

360 MALL is an exciting and unique destination in Kuwait whose shopping, entertainment and leisure components are synonymous with sophistication, elegance, refined style and luxury. The mall integrates retail, leisure and entertainment in a luxury environment, positioning it as the premier luxury shopping experience in Kuwait. The superb architecture of the project – a circular design that creates a shopping area of over 82,000 square meters – was inspired by a modern day interpretation of the region’s Arabic architectural features that is reflected in mall’s elegant interiors, which include seven different experience zones.

Amongst its stores are a mix of luxury brands, dining and entertainment, many of which were introduced for the first time in Kuwait, offering shoppers and visitors exciting leisure and shopping experiences. 360 MALL marks a milestone in the growth of Kuwait’s retail sector and is clearly setting benchmarks for the industry.