Unifonic showcases AI-powered solutions at Saudi Arabia’s LEAP 2023 conference


Second edition of the global tech event is being held in Riyadh and features Unifonic’s growing range of cutting-edge communication technologies. 

Unifonic, the leading communications platform and CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) provider in the Middle East, is showcasing its evolution towards AI-powered engagement solutions at LEAP 2023 in Saudi Arabia. The global tech event is held from February 6 to 9, 2023, in Riyadh.  

Unifonic has helped many clients adopt omnichannel customer experiences as part of their digital transformation, transforming how these brands connect with their customers and helping them exceed their customers’ expectations of seamless digital journeys.
With its no-code, automation, and orchestration platform, Unifonic facilitates modern, reliable, and efficient business messaging across industries. The customer engagement platform now automates end-to-end personalized omnichannel customer journeys, and the acquisition of Sestek’s AI-powered conversational suite in 2022 advanced the company’s AI solution offering. Sestek’s market-leading speech recognition technology empowers businesses to deliver a superior customer experience and enhance the Unifonic product portfolio.

Ahmed Hamdan, CEO and Co-Founder of Unifonic, stated: “Today, our multichannel campaigns give customers the ability to orchestrate, automate and personalize mass campaigns across channels like WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook Messenger, Voice, and SMS. Unifonic’s engagement solutions for marketing, operations, and support are constantly being enhanced to provide customers with seamless omnichannel experiences that truly transform how brands connect with their customers.”

The growth of conversational technology has transformed every industry around the globe. In line with this, Unifonic’s customer engagement platform enables leading brands to reach customers across multiple channels seamlessly and instantly. Utilizing rapidly evolving technologies and developing a powerful integration ecosystem, Unifonic automates and personalizes omnichannel customer journeys, thereby elevating customer engagement and experiences.


Unifonic is a customer engagement platform that enables organizations to delight customers with remarkable omnichannel experiences. It streamlines conversations at every touchpoint throughout the customer journey by unifying communication channels, messaging apps, and chatbots.

Unifonic’s solutions integrate customer communication channels, including text, voice, messaging, and web, into a single platform that enables companies to create stronger customer relationships. As newer channels emerge and user preferences change over time, organizations rely on Unifonic to maximize customer engagement and optimize communication returns on investment.

From SMS for online banking to WhatsApp customer service support, Unifonic empowers organizations to transform their customer experiences while allowing them to focus on core business activities without maintaining costly communication infrastructures.

Unifonic connects local enterprises with their customers. This includes leading banks, financial institutions and government entities throughout the region, as well as healthcare providers, retail and e-commerce, and transport and logistics providers worldwide. With proven expertise in emerging markets since 2006, Unifonic is committed to delivering excellence handling 10+ billion annual transactions for millions of recipients in over 160 countries, backed by a local corporate presence in five countries and a dedicated team of 300+ professionals serving clients 24/7.