United Trademark and Patent Services increases International presence


Firm increases global footprint with new offices in Africa and Sri Lanka

United Arab Emirates: United Trademark and Patent Services, a leading regional IP Law firm headquartered in Dubai has opened five new offices recently in a bid to increase the firm’s presence abroad.

The new offices with multinational staff offering IP related services are now fully operational in Tanzania, Djibouti, Morocco, Sudan and Sri Lanka to meet the demands of the firm’s international clientele.

According to Maria Farrukh Irfan Khan, Partner at United Trademark and Patent Services, the expansion in new regions indicates the increased awareness of IP requirements by local businesses leading to increased requests for an international presence.

“We focus on corporate and commercial work with a special interest in Intellectual Property Law and as most of our clients require the same services for their businesses abroad in addition to Dubai, it was evident that their success stories would coincide with our expansion in the countries in which they set up their businesses,” adds Maria Khan.

“The expansion demonstrates that we are committed to meeting our clients’ needs and clearly reaffirms our leading position as the legal firm of choice for IP needs of multinational companies,” reiterates Maria.

With new collaborations and partnerships, United Trademark and Patent Services believes the expansion is significant to the firm’s strategic growth and in managing client portfolios seamlessly across the globe.