201 LOEB Sébastien (fra), LURQUIN Fabian (bel), Bahrain Raid Extreme, BRX, Prodrive Hunter, Auto, FIA W2RC, action during the Stage 12 of the Dakar 2023 between Empty Quarter Marathon and Shaybah, on January 13, 2023 in Shaybah, Saudi Arabia - Photo Florent Gooden / DPPI

Shaybah, Saudi Arabia: 

Sébastien Loeb 

“We’ve had a really good feeling in the dunes over these past days that’s enabled us to push hard, but today really was the perfect day with no mistakes at all. I tried to optimise everything so that was really good and it worked so hopefully we can push two more days like this. 

“Since last week I’ve tried so hard every day to make up time, and now we are second overall so the plan has worked out as well as can be expected after our troubles last week.”

Guerlain Chicherit 

“I’m tired after these two stages that have made up the marathon stage but I am happy to be here. The car is still amazing after all these kilometres Alex and I have driven, but I’m feeling under the weather at about 80% for some part of the stage but then it goes away and I’m fine. I haven’t and I won’t give up so we will fight through to the end.”

Gus Beteli – BRX Team Principal

“Seb’s done it again! Five in a row since the rest day is an amazing achievement and a testament to the hard work of everyone in the BRX team here on Dakar and back at base has done. It’s been difficult to have the momentum going again after the setbacks last week, but we’re trying to get every point we can for the World Rally-Raid Championship through the stages and then see where we are for the overall results come Sunday.”