V Technology launches the latest high-tech product ‘V Booking’ at the Arabian Travel Market 2022 in Dubai


Dubai: ‘V Technology’ announced the launch of its latest blockchain-based product ‘V Booking’, a platform specialized in providing and facilitating advanced travel and tourism services in a secure and transparent manner that connects suppliers and users through a single integrated solution.

Leveraging artificial intelligence technologies, the ‘V Booking’ platform is used to draw the entire planet in 3D view, allowing tour agents and brokers to offer their services to customers interactively and take them on virtual tours that provide an unprecedented immersive experience. The platform also enables tourists to preview their travel destinations in a virtual space that replicates reality with high accuracy.

Adding a new perspective to the global tourism sector, the ‘V Booking’ platform features the ‘remote trip’ function that enables customers to preview travel destinations, including the features and utilities available there. It also allows them to experience the tourist facilities in resorts and hotels, view rooms and get acquainted with the services provided by these facilities. Using ‘V Booking’, tourists will also be able to accurately identify the location and geographical nature of the facilities and tourist destinations in a way that fully reflects reality.

The ‘V Booking’ platform will also provide tour agencies with several systems, including employee management systems, customer management systems, user support and follow-up, operations management systems, sales and marketing systems and many other services that complement the requirements of the tourism market and contribute to the promotion of tourist destinations and facilities. The platform serves as an all-in-one workstation that provides a unique work experience for its users and enhances business results in a smooth and organized manner using the latest digital technologies.

Commenting on the launch, Omari Abu Madi, co-founder of V Technology,” said: “This platform is a unique tool among the tools developed by the Company’s team using blockchain technologies. We have developed our own network to serve the future goals of the Company’s platforms and to give users an immersive experience to ensure the transparency of services and products, using artificial intelligence technology and a 3D scanning system. The network is a prelude to the launch of the first integrated metaverse, which will be announced in the near future.”

For his part, Bashar Al Asaad, Executive Vice President, Head of Development and Creativity at Creative Media Solutions, and co-founder of V Technology, said: “What attracted us to invest and enter into a full partnership with ‘V Technology’ is the integration of the cutting-edge tools that facilitated the development and planning of an integrated world of services for a variety of sectors. The most important motivation for us was the Company’s team of Arab entrepreneurs and innovators, as the core of our mission is to support content and technologies coming from the Arab region.”

The Arabian Travel Market exhibition will see a workshop organized by Omari Abu Madi on the new platform, where all attendees will be able to explore the platform’s technologies themselves using the VR feature on smartphones and laptops.

Creative Media Solutions had completed its investment round in V Technology, through which it acquired a major stake in the Company in order to enhance joint cooperation to accelerate the pace of launching modern technologies and creation of new ideas in various sectors, including tourism, e-commerce, media and electronic games.