Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum for Medical and Educational Sciences organizes the activities of the Hamdan International Forum for the Discovery and Development of Talents.


Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Medical and Educational Sciences announced the convening of the Hamdan International Forum for Talent Discovery and Development under the theme ‘Talent Discovery and Development – Opportunities and Aspirations’. The forum is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 14th, 2023, at Mohammed bin Rashid Library in Dubai.

In his comments, His Excellency Dr. Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Secretary-General of the Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Medical and Educational Sciences, stated, “We are pleased to announce organization of ‘Hamdan International Forum for Talent Discovery and Development’. This event reflects the Foundation’s commitment to nurturing and supporting talented individuals, continually enhancing methods for their discovery, and providing them with care in light of the rapid developments in this field. This initiative aligns with contemporary global best practices in talent discovery and development within the UAE. It also coordinates efforts aimed at offering support and assistance to help these individuals excel in creative and innovative fields, establishing effective strategies in line with global systems for talent discovery. This contributes to advancing the country’s educational goals and supporting gifted individuals who form the core of future scholars, developing their talents and investing in the knowledge economy during the era of the fourth industrial revolution.”

The forum, expected to host around 400 specialists and experts, aims to empower and develop talent discovery skills among practitioners and specialists in the educational field. It also seeks to enhance the global presence of ‘Hamdan Talent Rubric’, achieve competitiveness in talent discovery, and formulate strategic plans to ensure the sustainability and continuity of talents amidst rapid developments. Additionally, it strives to improve sustainability systems, promote and enhance a culture of talent, support and develop research and application prospects in the field of talent discovery. It will also showcase the latest academic and applied studies in talent discovery, along with the presentation of ideas and insights about talent discovery and development.

Dr. Al Suwaidi added, “There’s no doubt that events like these provide UAE with an effective platform that brings together experts and decision-makers to share knowledge on various education-related topics. We discuss how to unify efforts, develop strategies, and plan to enhance the education sector, talent discovery, and other relevant matters. We hope that this forum will achieve its goals by producing recommendations and insights that contribute to the development of talent discovery and development mechanisms, not only within the country but also at regional and global levels.”

The forum is expected to feature a distinguished group of prominent education experts, both local and international, including leaders, officials, specialists, and university professors. Topics to be discussed include Hamdan Foundation’s program for talent discovery and development, the future of The Emirati talent, opportunities and aspirations, and the standard approach of ‘Hamdan Talent Rubric’ in light of global standards. The event will also address the role of highly efficient higher education institutions in talent sustainability, as well as strategic transformations in the fields of talent discovery and care.

The forum will be attended by top education sector leaders, specialists, individuals interested in the educational and pedagogical fields, students, talented individuals, and related stakeholders.