• English luxury mobile phone manufacturer, Vertu, protects every smartphone with its renowned service, Vertu CERTAINTY, offering a host of integrated security features and services
  • Every Vertu smartphone can send state-of-the-art encrypted phone calls and text messages via Silent Circle
  • Vertu customers have connectivity to over 57 million data-secured WiFi hotspots around the globe via iPass
  • Each Vertu smartphone is protected with world class security thanks to Kaspersky antivirus
  • Vertu Lost Phone Service allows you to remotely lock, wipe, find and ring your Vertu via your secure Vertu account

vertuAs smartphone usage grows, so do the associated security risks. That’s why Vertu, the pioneer of luxury mobile phones, offers a host of high-tech integrated security features and services with every smartphone to protect their customers’ priceless data.

Vertu has partnered with world-leaders in the field of data security to offer unprecedented protection under the service, Vertu CERTAINTY. Once you press the iconic Ruby Key on your Vertu phone, you have access to Vertu CERTAINTY including voice-encrypted phone calls, global Wi-Fi connectivity, Kaspersky antivirus and Vertu Lost Phone service, just to name a few.

To ensure voice calls and text messages remain private, Vertu has partnered with the world leader in phone call and text encryption, Silent Circle. As smartphones become our primary source for communication, Silent Circle ensures that any sensitive information you may be sharing through your device is only accessed by the intended recipient and not intercepted by a third party. The application is so secure, it’s even certified for use within the US government.

To protect your data whilst traveling, Vertu offers its customers a complimentary subscription to iPass, providing access to the world’s largest Wi-Fi network in over 120 countries.  With three layers of security, iPass keeps your connections secure.

To keep your handset from harm when downloading applications, checking your email and surfing the internet, Vertu has partnered with Kaspersky Antivirus. One of the most powerful antivirus software products available, Kaspersky will block any dangerous malware, websites and links to keep your Vertu handset safe and virus free.

The last thing anyone wants, or needs is to lose their most precious device, through theft or otherwise, which is why Vertu introduced Lost Phone Service. This exclusive service protects your Vertu handset from theft, since the tracking is tied to the device’s IMEI and not the user account, putting customers at ease. Through the Lost Phone Service, users can view the handset’s current location, remotely erase any sensitive data while still tracking its location and make it ring loudly, even when on silent – to help you get your Vertu back.

Through all of the features that Vertu Certainty offers, Vertu customers can be rest assured that both their handset and data will be safe. Vertu Certainty and the associated features are available on Vertu’s latest high performance smartphone the New Signature Touch.

About Vertu:

Vertu aims to deliver the world’s best luxury mobile phone experience for its customers by combining expert craftsmanship and peerless materials with innovative technology and unique services. Today, Vertu leads the market that it pioneered over a decade ago.

The Vertu range of mobile phones is made up of three distinct models – Signature, Signature Touch and Aster. The Vertu Audio Collection comprises V Headphones (HP-1V) and V Speaker (SP-1V).  Vertu mobile phones are handmade in England using the world’s finest materials, with each one assembled by a single craftsman.

Vertu is renowned for its curated services; a suite of carefully selected exclusive offers, content and assistance especially selected to enhance the Vertu customer’s lifestyle. At the heart of these services is Vertu CONCIERGE, offering luxury lifestyle assistance and enrichment. Vertu CONCIERGE is on-hand 24/7 to facilitate your every request. Vertu LIFE offers personalised recommendations and privileged access to experiences and events. Vertu CERTAINTY delivers security for customers, their data and their phones.

Vertu is available from around 500 stores, including 70 Vertu Boutiques, in 66 countries.