– Achievement forms part of the brand’s commitment to eradicating single-use plastic from its MEA operations

– The mobile telecommunications leader also announced a review of its carbon footprint in Saudi Arabia by end of 2021

– Sustainability goals reflect the brand’s global commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen

– Over 50 tonnes of single-use plastic have already been eliminated since 2017

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia: In a major move towards realising its local and regional sustainability ambitions, Virgin Mobile Saudi Arabia has eliminated all single-use plastic from its operations across the Kingdom.

The achievement marks Virgin Mobile Saudi Arabia’s local efforts in support of Virgin Group’s wider aspirations to boost its sustainability credentials globally. These group-wide actions ultimately aim to help realise a number of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as the company moves to reinforce its position as a responsible corporate citizen.

Commenting on the achievement, Yaarob Al-Sayegh, Chief Executive Officer at Virgin Mobile Saudi Arabia, said: “As a digital trail-blazer, our focus has always been to make mobile better, not just through our services but also by driving positive social and environmental impact through everything we do. As we celebrate Earth Day, we want to highlight our success in completely removing single-use plastic from our operations in Saudi Arabia as a starting point reference for all Saudi companies in telco and beyond. This action not only helps our brand to move closer towards responsible consumption and production, but it also allows us to provide a more environmentally friendly mobile carrier service for every customer in the country.”

Several similar initiatives implemented by Virgin Mobile across the Middle East has led the brand to successfully cut more than 50 tonnes of single-use plastic from across its operations.

Such major regional success in support of the brand’s global commitment led to Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa being awarded Virgin Group’s global annual Sustainability Award in 2019 on the back of the initial pilot project.

Complementing its success in eradicating single-use plastic in Saudi Arabia, the mobile telecommunications leader has also announced a review of its carbon footprint, and a commitment to work with customers, partners, and sustainability experts to explore how it could significantly reduce and/or offset its carbon emissions.

“Reducing the negative impact of our operations on society and the environment and providing the foundation to embed sustainable habits in everything we do is at the heart of the Virgin brand. We look forward to keeping all of our stakeholders posted on our progress and will be sharing more exciting announcements in this space throughout 2021,” concluded Yaarob Al-Sayegh.

About Virgin Mobile KSA

Virgin Mobile KSA is changing the rules of the mobile game by focusing on providing the best customer experience, innovative digital products and creating a great place to work. An affiliate of the Virgin Mobile Group, no one works harder to making mobile better in Saudi Arabia. Powered by one of the very best 5G Networks, Virgin Mobile connects more customers to the things and the people they care most about.

About Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa

Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa is part of the Virgin family group of companies. Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa is responsible for all Virgin Mobile operations in the Middle East and Africa region, and is headquartered in Dubai, UAE.    

Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa has been in the region since 2009 and operates the two consumer brands of Virgin Mobile and FRiENDi Mobile across the region. Partnering with telecoms operators across the region, the Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa team provides customers with innovative products and packages designed to make their mobile experience better. We work closely with other Virgin companies across the world to make sure we can create experiences for our customer’s which surprise and delight them, and which can’t be matched.

Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa believes in having the best people on the team, and the management team is made up of senior level team members from a variety of successful regional and global mobile operators, as well as from MVNOs. The company has a strong financial foundation supported by well-respected and global and regional shareholders, including Virgin Group, GIC, ePlanet Capital, Dolphin International, NTEC, and members of the senior management team.           

About Virgin Group:

Virgin Mobile is one of the businesses of the Virgin Group, a leading international branded investment company and one of the world’s most recognized and respected brands. Conceived in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Group has gone on to grow successful businesses in sectors ranging from mobile telephony and media to transportation, travel, financial services, hotels, health and fitness, as well as renewable technologies and space tourism.

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