Waseela Completed the Rollout of Turnkey WiFi Offloading Project in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Rami Abu Alhiga, Senior Director of Projects Department at Waseela

The leading regional ICT system integrator, Waseela, announced today that it has completed the rollout and integration of an end-to-end WiFi Offloading solution that included the implementation of more than 400 hot spots across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, made up of thousands of WiFi APs and high-speed MW backhaul links for the hot spots that lacked fiber connectivity.

Dr. Rami Abu Alhiga, Senior Director of Projects Department at Waseela, commented on this project by stating that “we are proud at Waseela to be one of the very few master system integrators in the region who successfully completed the rollout and integration of a WiFi Offloading project at this scale and this complexity.” Throughout the rollout process our engineers had to work with various types of venues including hotels, universities, shopping malls, hospitals and office buildings. We designed every site with clear objective to achieve a significant ratio of data traffic offloading from 3G/4G network to the WiFi network, Dr. Abu Alhiga explained. Waseela is currently also operating this WiFi Offloading network and maintaining it through a 24/7 Network Operation Center and various field technical support teams to ensure high availability and consistent performance.  

This mega turnkey WiFi Offloading network rollout achievement comes as an additional success in Waseela’s regional track record of mega ICT projects as Waseela continues to position itself as the leading Master System Integrator (MSI) for ICT projects in the Middle East region. Dr. Abu Al Higa also clarified that Waseela has recently been awarded another expansion phase for the same WiFi Offloading project where the rollout activities for this expansion phase are expected to be concluded by mid of 2017.