Western Digital Provides an Exciting Chance to Win Gold


Buy SanDisk® products with Capacities of 64GB, 128GBand 256GB for a Chance to win the Capacity of the Product in Gold Weight

sandisk-logoWestern Digital Corporation, with its leading SanDisk storage technology and solutions, is giving shoppers the chance to win gold on the purchase of SanDisk brand products with a capacity of 64GB and above. For each purchase, consumers have the chance to win the capacity of the product in gold weight in a raffle draw – the larger the capacity purchased, the larger the weight of gold to be won!

The explosion of digital content is driving demand for larger and larger capacities. 4k videos, drones, 360 degree videos, and virtual reality to name a few all demand storage devices to keep up with the latest technological advancements. Having the SanDisk devices with larger capacities ensures your content’s quality is kept intact. Many users often compromise the quality of their videos and content by deleting, or compressing files in order to keep within their storage limits, meaning they won’t fully benefit from what their devices are offering. With SanDisk products that offer larger capacity storage, you can transfer larger files, quickly, without having to covert to lower bit rates resulting in lower quality content.

“As a leading global storage provider, Western Digital takes pride in delivering long term SanDisk products that are durable, fast, and capable of storing large amounts of content so our consumers can enjoy important life moments without capacity issues” said Tareq Husseini, SanDisk Regional Sales Director, Middle East & Africa, Western Digital. “We always raise the bar with our products to cater to all consumers, and we are excited to offer an opportunity for them to win.”

The SanDisk gold promotion is available on the following products:

  • All SanDisk® USB products with capacities of 64GB and above
  • All SanDisk® SD™ card and Compact Flash products with capacities of 64GB and above
  • SanDisk® iXpandTM Flash Drive and the easiest way to transfer photos and content between your iPhone and PC device, while automatically backing up your camera roll and freeing up space, available in capacities of 16GB to 128GB capacity.
  • SanDisk® Dual Drive provides a quick and easy way to transfer files between Android™ smartphones and tablets, PC and Mac computers. A great way to free up some space for more photos or music, available in capacities of 16GB to to 128GB of capacity available.
  • SanDisk ConnectTM Wireless Stick is a wireless flash drive created to work with both your mobile and PC devices, available in capacities of 16GB to to 200GB of capacity
  • With a storage capacity of up to 256GB, the SanDisk Ultra® microSDTM card means there is no worry of taking up too much space with all your photos and videos on your android or tablet.

The competition runs to November 8th 2016 and you have a chance to win a total of up to 72,000 AED worth of gold. Get down to the participating electronic retailers across the UAE to secure your chance now!

*. With all 200GB storage devices you are entered into a draw to win 256g of gold.