Why Samsung’s QLED TVs are the number one choice for gaming enthusiasts


The world of gaming is one that brings joy and excitement to our lives every day. Thanks to the vast technological advancements made in recent times, our gaming interactions and experiences through TVs are immersive and breathtaking in ways likely thought impossible not long ago. Incredible gaming adventures from the comfort of our homes have helped to propel the popularity of the gaming industry to its highest ever point, driving unprecedented demand for TVs comprising an array of next-generation features that complement gaming experiences.  

At Samsung, we have always aimed to enrich people’s lives, inspire every generation, and create a new future by driving innovation – and this applies to every segment we influence. Our QLED range stands out above all others, enjoying enormous success, attracting widespread attention, and delivering a complete entertainment package for TV enthusiasts. 

As with any TV used for gaming experiences, outstanding picture quality is essential, without which the aspects of thrill and delight are compromised. With Samsung’s QLED, visuals have been taken to a whole new level, establishing the range as number one in the hearts and minds of consumers. Here, we explore the specifics behind the screen and explain why our QLED TVs have attained must-have status from gaming enthusiasts across the region and wider world.

Gaming power like never before

The world of gaming continues to grow and more and more consumers now consider their TVs as gaming devices. And why not? With QLED TVs, gaming experiences are being taken to a whole other level through a brilliant combination of incredible image quality, cutting-edge audio, and low input lag. Samsung and gaming enthusiasts share something in common – we know true immersion is a necessity. And with a QLED TV comes powerful features that provide gamers with the edge they need to become the very best. Immersion levels and response speed have never been higher – as the first HDMI 2 1-certified display that combines high-resolution visuals with 120Hz refresh rate, games burst into life with detail and realism. FreeSync Premium technology synchronizes graphics and the screen to prevent stuttering and provide seamless gameplay, while responsiveness and accuracy are impeccable with 9.8ms input lag – meaning commands from controller to the screen are registered right away without delay. Multi View lets also lets you game on one side of your TVs screen and mirror your mobile device on the other, which gives you greater versatility and allows you to find walkthroughs or recommendations when stuck on particularly challenging levels. Furthermore, the Dynamic Black Equalizer analyzes and enhances image quality in real-time through AI technology, making it easy to spot objects and competitors in dark scenes. 

Greater gaming awareness and convenience 

For gamers, the ability to hear approaching competitors can mean the difference between winning and losing. And for your favorite games where being aware of your surrounding at all times is crucial to success and passing levels, Object Tracking Sound (OTS) is absolutely essential. With sensitivity at its finest, the function ensures sound is in sync with all moving and approaching objects at all times – elevating the experience and empowering you to achieve your gaming aspiration and emerge victorious. In fact, OTS recognizes and analyses audio synced to the content in real-time, evenly distributing audio tracks to every speaker embedded in the TV. Therefore, you will never miss a piece of the action and everything will always be portrayed with a real-time effect. But that’s not all, as ease of use when gaming is also a guarantee because Auto Game Mode transforms your QLED TV into the ultimate gaming station from a visual perspective. Consoles and PCs automatically optimize the TVs settings via this feature to provide an immersive gaming experience like no other. Managing settings before beginning a gaming session can hinder your concentration – so allow Auto Game Mode to do all the work for you. 

Artificial Intelligence meets gaming 

Samsung QLED TVs are superior because of numerous factors and the powerful Quantum Processor 8K is behind the delivery of perfect visual quality. This feature’s brilliance is displayed on every occasion, flawlessly setting the scene for an incomparable gaming experience. We have all played games that do not provide the clarity we seek, with underwhelming color quality and areas, or even the entire screen, coming across as too bright, too dark, or a combination of the two – hindering our chances of success. Using an extensive knowledge database built through millions of learned patterns, 8K Artificial Intelligence (AI) upscaling analyzes all scenes to enhance every single detail – including color, lighting, and contrast – to permanently solve such experiences and give you the best chance possible of overcoming gaming challenges. This ensures that gaming elements are brought together to provide the perfect platform for personal best performance.