WINMEDIA showcases its latest promising radio & TV software solutions for Broadcasters at Cabsat 2021!


United Arab Emirates: For 25 years, WinMedia has been providing reliable, scalable and full-featured automation solutions to its customers all over the world. Winmedia has also developed software solutions that streamline workflow and add significant value to your business.

Nowadays, booking, revenue management and billing,are  crucial to – business operations. For this reason,  WinMedia is presenting  its new product : WinSales 2.0.. In today’s challenging environment, WinMedia offers a solution that will help to drive organization to be more efficient and effective while enabling an easily add new revenue streams, thanks to its automation Radio & TV software. 

As radio needs to evolve in a time where the audiovisual industry is dominant, WinCam, the camera automation for studios, offers the capacity to add  videos on radio programs and streaming on social networks. Indeed, WinMedia enables broadcasters to handle several stations, as well as multiple media including TV, Radio, Media Network and Internet from a single system.

From its whole new office located in Dubai, WinMedia aspires to meet, as effectively as possible,its customer needs all around the Middle East. Rather than simply answering customers’ immediate needs, such as producing broadcast, Winmedia designs solutions to be future-proof.

About Winmedia : 

Since 1997, WinMedia has been developing tools for the management and broadcasting of radio and television streams in France. With 2 subsidiaries located in North America and Asia, it distributes and installs its solutions worldwide with 7 offices. The company aspires now to extend its activity to the Middle East with opening a new office.