With a 67% Increase flynas Breaks New Record and Carried Nearly 550,000 Passengers in November 2016


RIYADH, Saudi Arabia: PRNewswire: flynas, the Saudi National Air Carrier, has broken a new record in the number of passengers travelling on the low cost Saudi carrier by approximately, 550,000, in November of this year, 2016, with an increase of 67% in the number of passengers in comparison to November of 2015.

This record number of passengers is the result of the inauguration by flynas of new destinations in 2016, along with more flights being added to its previous destinations. This has allowed the airline to fulfill the needs of many passengers, while contributing to breaking this record.

NAS Holding CEO, Bander Al Mohanna, declared: “flynas has achieved a considerable expansion in 2016 by adding 15 new destinations to our flight network, and acquiring an authorization to operate out of Abha Airport as a regional airport in the Southern Region. In addition, flynas has signed a code-share agreement with the Pegasus Airline, and Ettihad Airways, to reach more destinations in Turkey, and travel from Abu Dhabi to the world. All of these factors have contributed to more than half of a million passengers flying on flynas during November of this year, 2016,( an increase of 67% in comparison to November of last year.”

Al Mohanna added: “This significant growth in the number of passengers is clear proof of the successful expansion implemented by flynas in its flight network. This means the addition of new flights to those destinations that are witnessing an increase in popularity and demand. Guided by our ambitions, we are working to reach our goals and provide our passengers with an increase in special offers and services in our fast-growing network of destinations.”

Al Mohanna concluded: “However, thanks to our strategic plans and the trust which our passengers have put in us, we have been able, in a period of nine years, to increase the size of our fleet to 29 airplanes, and the number of airline operation centers to four, from which flynas operates out of, which include RiyadhJeddahDammam, and Abha. Furthermore, the number of flights flynas operates has exceeded 1100 per week.”