World Environment Day 2022: Collective Alignment on Climate Reporting Needed to Offset Region’s Carbon Footprint


Spokesperson: Faris Mesmar, CEO and Managing Partner of hatch & boost

“In line with the World Environment Day theme of 2022, “Only One Earth”, joining hands to ideate and create sustainable solutions to restore the harmony of our natural world has never been more pertinent.

The UAE has made great strides in championing climate action through its UAE Net Zero 2050 initiative, as well as its upcoming hosting of COP 28 in 2023. At the same time, regional tightening of regulations and shifting customer preferences have encouraged more private sector corporations to align their financial goals with environmental impact.

A powerful way to speed up our efforts to solve our environmental challenges in the Middle East is for governments, regulators, and investors all to work together to support corporations in revamping their supply chain networks, manufacturing processes, and business models in line with further offsetting their carbon footprint. In addition to this, there needs to be greater collective alignment in climate reporting and governance, in order to hold each other accountable for our performance.

We launched hatch & boost Ventures with a single mission, and that was to solve some of the most pressing environmental and social challenges through our unique sector-agnostic venture building model that de-risks early-stage investment. The more we strive to reduce the burden of our activities on the planet – from grassroots level all the way up to the government – the faster change will come.”