Yasser AlQahtani VS Manaf Aboshgair Strongest duel of Mobile legends:Bang Bang

Yasser AlQahtani and Manaf Aboshgair

On December 25th, Yasser AlQahtani won another victory in his life, but this time, it’s not a football match, but his first all-star show match of a famous game-Mobile legends :Bang Bang.

In order to show respect to the Arab players, Mobile legends:Bang Bang host its 1st official Arab tournament and invite 2 famous football players and 8 YouTube influencers to attend the show match of their Grand Finals. 

Yasser AlQahtan(the former captain of Saudi National football team,considered as the greatest football players in Saudi Arabia), was the Honorary Captain of red team, which the team members were oCMz,saudi brothers,Ahmed Show and safah9(All of them are famous YouTube Influencers)

“The game really help me to regain the excitement of fighting with the teammates on the field”,Yasser AlQahtan said that he have been playing this game for quite a time, and when he got the invitation from MLBB, and he didn’t even hesitate to accept their invitation.

Manaf Aboshgair (the former member of Saudi National football team),was the captain of blue team, which the team members will be MjrmGames,TMFaisal,Rima and Haman(All of them are famous YouTube Influencers)

The cross-border cooperation between MLBB and Football has already begun before that. On November 29, the Saudi national team announced MLBB has become the official game of SNT, Nadim, the manager of the Saudi national team, said: Football and MLBB have many commonalities, focusing on competitive spirit, pursuit of victory, emphasizing team spirit, and we hope we could convey the spirit of sports competition to all the world along with MLBB.

As a team competitive game, MLBB attaches great importance to bringing players a good gaming experience. The MLGC is the first high-quality event that MLBB brings to Middle Eastern players. MLBB hopes to provide a platform for more Middle Eastern players to show themselves, and also hopes to bring more good game content to Middle Eastern players.

Mobile legends:Bang Bang is known to be the most popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games) game in the Middle East. According to Google bestseller list, now it ranks No.3 in UAE , No.4 in Qatar, No.7 in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Besides, the downloads of the game has been more than 1 Billion , and become one of the most popular mobile games in the world. In order to give all players a better experience,Mobile legends:Bang Bang has held so many E-sports events in different countries and now become the most beautiful landscape of e-sports industry.