Yugen Care Takes Health, Well-Being and Aesthetic Treatment to the Next Level


Health Visionary Dr. Gehad Masri Opens State-of-the-Art Clinic in the UAE

Dubai, UAE: Dubai is getting its next-level health, well-being and aesthetic center with the Yugen Care by Dr. Gehad Masri, a clinic that will drive the future of healthcare in the region and aims to lead each client on the best pathway to reach a better quality of life. 

With “Look Better, Feel Better, Feel Yugen” as the clinic’s motto, Yugen Care creates healing and life-changing pathways that are carefully studied and tailored to offer clients one-on-one sessions and guidance to help attain a long-lasting, beautiful, and healthy life.

Yūgen comes from the Japanese word “yū” meaning graceful and “gen” meaning profound. It is the feeling of fulfillment and happiness when contemplating something beautiful.

Among the services the clinic will offer are firsts in the Middle East, including the G-vac bed and I-dome bed. 

Yugen also offers Sonic Pills, a patented technology used to improve sleeping, reduce stress, boost energy and remove pain as a new way of well-being. Sonic Pill® applies sound frequencies through the extraordinary therapeutic usage of sound. At Yugen Care, Sonic Pills will be used in the Dental Suite and various treatment rooms to reduce anxiety, fear and pain during treatment.

“Pioneering the way to optimized health and wellbeing, Yugen Care is using the new scientific and evidence-based protocols, performed by renowned professionals to offer the latest longevity and cutting-edge treatments to enhance the natural look and health of our clients. Look and feel-good inside-out,” said Dr. Masri, Chairman and General Surgeon.

Last week, Yugen Care hosted an exclusive “One of a Kind Week” where the team of experts offered an outstanding Health & Aesthetic Yugen experience. The elegant world of Yugen Care was introduced to clients through a futuristic pathway starting with lab testing done in collaboration with the worldwide leader Nordic Lab. Dr. Nigma Talib, world-renowned naturopathic doctor, aesthetician, and leading authority on holistic health and skincare; Dr. Tapan Patel, the most talented and skillful injector in the UK who specializes in non-invasive cosmetic treatments and Graeme Jones, Founder of Nordic Clinic Stockholm, clinical and nutritional physiologist, recognised expert internationally and in Sweden, were present at the event.

Yugen Care is located at Villa 467 B, Opposite Sunset Mall Jumeirah Beach Rd – Jumeirah 3. The clinic is now accepting online bookings. 

About Yugen Care:

Yugen Care is a multi-disciplinary clinic with a holistic wellness approach. Established by Dr. Gehad Masri, a surgeon with a vision and renowned for introducing laser treatments and non-invasive solutions into proctology and colorectal procedures, Yugen Care’s motto is “Look Better, Feel Better, Feel Yugen.” The team of surgeons and experts led by Dr. Gehad represents the International Elite of Healthcare. So you don’t have only one Doctor advice, but a team of Doctors and Experts around you to help you reach long-lasting health and beauty results. Powered by the latest technologies, Yugen Care creates personalized one-on-one health and beauty pathways.