Zain KSA Boosts Strategic Partnerships Seeking Nationwide Digital Transformation and A Knowledge-Based Society


Zain KSA participated as a “Headline Sponsor” in Saudi International Ai & Cloud Tech Expo (AiCloud Expo), hosted in Riyadh, May 22-24, 2022. This year the exhibition was held under the theme: “Revolutionary World of Data”. Zain KSA showcased its latest digital products and class (C) cloud services, the highest cloud computing rating in Saudi Arabia, presenting its strategy which focuses on quality investments in innovation and next generation technologies, especially in Ai, VR & AR and the IoT, supported by its cutting-edge 5G network.

During the event, Zain KSA gave a detailed presentation on “Ai: Between Theory and Applications” that addressed approaches to creating Ai use cases and apps that ensure the highest value performance, and cited smart city and advanced industry use cases and the role of AI and cloud computing in supporting the delivery of innovative use cases.

Remarkably, Zain KSA has recently added six new services and products to Zain Cloud portfolio including SD_WAN, in partnership with Fortinet, which enables customers to run their applications securely, reliably and with optimized performance and is especially well suited for organizations with several branches throughout the Kingdom and businesses operating across multiple sectors. Zain Cloud, in collaboration with SpeechLogix, launched “Zain Calls” to offer a fully local cloud-based telecommunications solution for the first time in the Kingdom. Through a partnership with Hikvision, Zain Cloud will provide a video surveillance service that goes beyond monitoring to include visual analysis and intelligent solutions through a single platform capable of linking multiple geographic locations.  Zain Cloud has also partnered with Veritas to provide a robust cloud-based Backup as a Service (BaaS) using NetBackup and Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) that provides enterprise IT departments with an easy and efficient way to ensure integrity and availability of their data. Zain Cloud will also provide Red Hat Enterprise Linux service to its customers creating a more secure and stable environment for business modernization. This will also provide customers with a robust and reliable platform that is capable of deploying cloud infrastructures to fulfill both existing and future requirements for enterprise-level digital transformation. Zain Cloud also partnered with WakeCap ​​to deliver next-generation IoT solutions to enable accurate and consistent reporting for project management action and worker safety on industrial and construction sites.