ZAKHER MARINE INTERNATIONAL INC and Quality Marine Services Build 3 Offshore Barges at the cost of US$350 million dollars


Abu Dhabi: Quality Marine Services (QMS), in conjunction with Zakher Marine International “ZMI” both based in Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates announced that it took delivery the First Offshore Barge built in a Shipyard in the Democratic Republic of China under the supervision of ZMI engineers and technical staff.

In statement, Ali El Ali, the Executive Director of Zakher Marine International with regards to the delivery of the Barge “We have designed and built the most sophisticated and advanced Barge as part of a 3 Barges new builds program that was constructed in China at a cost of US$350,000,000.00 (1.2 Billion Dirhams), and these Barges are considered the most advanced in the market today in terms of size and technology, specifically in the MENA region. The Barges are built to carry out a large scope of work, ranging from well services and drilling support, construction, flotel and maintenance work, they also have the highest standards of safety and have the ability to work in various weather conditions and geographical locations”. And Ali added “The first of our Large Fleet barges arrived in Abu Dhabi last week, with the knowledge that these are built to operate in the stringent weathers both in Middle East and Europe alike, and they are further considered to be one of the best [Barges available in the market] in terms of design and operation requirements compared to others around the world”

In a separate Statement, Musadaq Al Yacoub, the General Manager for Zakher Marine International that the Barge that was also recently delivered and received in Abu Dhabi took three years to construct, and it includes the most modern design technology and finishing, and this one is part of the 3 barges that are constructed by the company, with the expectation that the second barge will be sent to the North Sea adjacent Netherland’s and UK’s coasts to work in the construction of wind turbines fields as well as working in offshore oil and gas fields.

Al Yacoub further disclosed that the strategic direction for ZMI that he is adamant to see through is the building of a further 5 Barges in China, and he is expecting the delivery of these by the end of 2018, and these were built and designed in a new and innovative way which are suitable for the Middle East’s weather and operational requirements.

In his statement, Captain Ron McGuire, the head of the Barges Department in ZMI that the Barge that was received in Abu Dhabi is considered one of the biggest and the most significant in the Middle East, and it can also operate in Europe and the North Sea, and it also has a detailed design when compared to other barges in the region, it can also work and operate in different oil fields which helps in the reduction of cost for owners.

Zakher Marine International and Quality Marine Services has over 2000 employees that include engineers, technical staff that all have a wealth of knowledge and high education/training, and the companies follow the highest standards of Safety.