Zayed University Hosts QS World University Rankings : Arab Region 2022 Conclave


The 2022 QS World University Rankings: Arab Region features 181 universities, the largest comparative evaluation of the region’s higher education system yet.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:  A leader in educational innovation, Zayed University was honored to host the QS World University Rankings: Arab Region 2022 Conclave, one of the most awaited annual events in the higher education industry. Held in Dubai at the Raffles Hotel, the event recognized educational leaders from across the region, for their commitment, dedication and perseverance in taking their institutions to a higher level.

The event was attended by 50+ University Presidents and Vice Presidents from the Arab Region, in addition to over 30+ senior administrators from several universities. The conclave offered participants a variety of engaging roundtable sessions and workshops, including strategic presentations, keynotes, and networking opportunities. 

Conversations and debates throughout the event were mainly focused on how the global business landscape continues to evolve, presenting new challenges and unchartered territories of opportunity to explore, and how there is a need for time and effort to be invested in developing a new form of education. Courses and programs that offer future leaders an applicable sense of direction, allowing them to encounter challenges head-on and successfully move forward. 

The event saw H.E. Hassan Alnajjar, University Council Member, Zayed University, in attendance to present the QS STARS Awards. ‘’Today marks the launch of the QS World University Rankings, Arab Region 2021 – one of the most awaited annual events in the higher education industry. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to H.E. Noura Bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture & Youth, and President of Zayed University, for enabling us to have this conference under the patronage of Zayed University. Her unnerving support in improving higher academic outcomes, and for being an advocate of empowering students; fostering education and innovation.”, said, Alnajjar.

Prof Clayton MacKenzie, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Zayed University, said, “This is a proud moment for Zayed University, we are extremely pleased to have been able to host the QS World University Rankings: Arab Region 2022 Conclave. The QS World University Rankings ranks the world’s top universities and is viewed as one of the three most-widely read university rankings in the world. This is a significant milestone for the UAE, and the region, to see its institutions being recognized at the highest level in the rankings. I congratulate all the winners on their success in being recognized.”

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About Zayed University:

Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the university is a pioneer of female empowerment and leadership. From its very inception, the university has played a leading role in enabling individual growth and is one of a select group of institutions across the Middle East to apply a distinctly liberal arts approach to education. Today, as the needs of the knowledge society evolve, Zayed University is again at the forefront of the region’s development and transformation