Zbooni Launches Touchless Checkout To Empower Face-To-Face SME Retail


Zbooni developed the function on its app in a bid to enable local shops and service providers to accept contactless payment methods

Ramy Assaf – CEO and Co-founder of Zbooni

United Arab Emirates:  Zbooni, MENA’s leading digital enabler for SMEs, has announced the launch of its secure touchless checkout technology as it aims to support and revitalize the retail sector. Thousands of businesses already benefit from Zbooni’s customized platform that allows merchants to easily understand real-time data about their customers, send payment links and conveniently track and manage invoices. The new technology addition allows merchants to share a QR code which links to payment options for their customers.

Speaking about the new addition to the services offered by Zbooni, CEO and co-founder Ramy Assaf said: “We’ve been working successfully with online businesses and physical stores for a number of years, but one of the overwhelming requests from our retailers was that they needed a way to quickly and easily accept card payments without a point-of-sale device. We listened and developed this contactless technology which simply requires the merchant to have a mobile phone and the customer to have one too. Given that we live in one of the most mobile-connected regions in the world, it enables retailers to interact and accept payments from virtually everyone, anywhere.”

The innovative technology adds a layer of security, while enhancing user experience, and making payments faster and easier for SMEs. Zbooni’s touchless checkout allows consumers to make instant payments using smartphones, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. The technology is ideally suited for physical retail stores, but also for face-to-face interactions at the home or office, such as deliveries, repairs, cleaning services, maintenance or any other traditional ‘cash in hand’ jobs.

It follows a growing trend amongst people choosing to go ‘cashless’, with around two-thirds of people in the UAE expecting to be fully cashless by 2030, according to a poll by Standard Chartered. Almost half of all UAE respondents (47 per cent) also prefer making online payments rather than using in-person cards or cash. This trend is only going to amplify, with Euromonitor International research suggesting that non-cash payments in the UAE are set to reach 73 per cent by 2025.

The main advantages for retailers and consumers in using Zbooni’s new touchless checkout for payments are:

– It allows retailers to take instant payment from customers – just scan the QR code and confirm payment in just a few seconds

– Set-up for retailers is easy – it just requires a smartphone that can display the code

– It eliminates human error – every  basket  is assigned its own individual code  which provides uniquely reliable pricing

– It is highly secure – with robust encryption it provides a safe transaction method

Zbooni has also been assisting the Dubai Government in their Cashless Dubai Working Group, established in November 2020, bringing Smart Dubai together with various Dubai Government entities to create effective plans to shift all payment transactions to secure and easy-to-use cashless platforms across all sectors.

About Zbooni:

Zbooni is a technology company that was founded in Dubai in 2017. Its name means ‘My Customer’ in Arabic, as it enables merchants to easily start, run and grow their businesses online, providing their customers with enhanced experiences. Zbooni provides a range of useful business-focused services, such as mobile invoicing and payment solutions, digital storefronts in its marketplace, data insights, automated sales tracking and invoicing.

The company was incubated at Facebook, the world’s largest social media network, and is backed by regional and international organisations, including Chalhoub Group, Middle East Venture Partners and B&Y Venture Capital.