21st episode of ‘Experts Talk Show’ tackles local and global risks to water sustainability


The future of water and its sustainability has been extensively discussed in the latest episode of ‘Experts Talk Show’, a popular webinar series sponsored by Salem Ahmad Almoosa Enterprises, and brought to light some of the key long-term solutions that could help communities address water sustainability.

The theme ‘Water Sustainability Risk & Crisis’ explored the opportunities and challenges in the water sustainability both at the local and global level, and where the responsibility lies in helping preserve water resources for today’s generation and for the future. Some of the leading experts who led the discussion include Brian Richter, President of Sustainable Waters, and Dean Amhaus, Founding President and CEO of the Water Council. Alharith Almoosa, Vice Chairman of Falconcity of Wonders, hosted the show while Jassim Al Bastaki, an economic affairs researcher, moderated the session.  

Viewers who wish to watch the recorded episode can catch this episode on the ‘Experts Talk Show’s’ YouTube page.