A Success Story for the Kozyavkin Program for Cerebral Palsy at Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center

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ABU DHABI, UAE: Najat is a young CP patient diagnosed with developmental delay who enrolled in the Kozyavkin program at CMRC Abu Dhabi in late 2019.  She has undergone four cycles of the program and regular Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language Pathology sessions with great success.

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center (CMRC), the leading GCC Rehabilitation and Long-term care provider ensuring a “continuum of care” to its patients, are partnering with Professor Kozyavkin from Ukraine to present his unique program to the UAE community, a treatment for patients suffering from Cerebral Palsy as well as other neurological conditions where increased tone and spasticity are affecting movement.

Abu Dhabi & Al Ain branches of Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center (CMRC) provide the Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation System (INRS), known as The Kozyavkin Method. The world-class rehabilitation program was created by Dr. Vladimir Kozyavkin over 30 years ago and is accredited by the European Medical Association (EMA.) The incredibly effective treatment targets CP patients and those with other consequences of trauma and organic lesions of the nervous system.

Najat was not the only success story for the Kozyavkin program in the UAE, but she also reminds us of her parents’ dedication to helping their child and presenting her with real hope. “I might have enrolled my daughter a bit late after a year and 3 or 4 months, but, thank God, my daughter has undergone the ‘Kozyavkin Method.’ The program has resulted in her being able to walk after a year and eight months.”  said Najat’s Father.

Dr. Howard Podolsky, Group Chief Executive officer, commented, “Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center is humbled and privileged to provide innovative and ground-breaking care to patients such as Najat. Our longstanding clinical collaboration with Professor Kozyavkin and his team is testimony to our unyielding commitment to improving the quality of life for each and every patient we encounter. ”

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a brain disorder caused by damage pre-, during, or post-birth. It is the most widespread motor disability in childhood. Although the injury that causes CP symptoms does not progress, the level of disability and change in clinical expression may progress as the brain matures. CP’s associated motor disorders include disruptions of cognition, communication, behavior, seizures, and musculoskeletal problems.

The Kozyavkin method works as a multi-system program that rehabilitates nerve function in two phases – the intensive rehabilitation process and the consolidation phase. The active cycle takes place in the rehabilitation center and usually lasts from 15-21 days. Following this phase, the child returns to their usual routine while adhering to a daily home exercise program as guided by our specialized clinicians.

The intensive active cycles of therapy combine physical therapy with mental therapy and include restoring spinal and peripheral joint range of movement, enhancing muscle strength, coordination, and control, and reducing spasticity and increasing tone through movement. The program also involves Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Joint Mobilization, Group Rhythmic Exercises, and even Rehabilitation Computer Games. Highly skilled physicians spearhead all sessions, physiotherapists, and massage professionals – each specifically trained and certified to perform the treatment.

Retrospective analysis of 12,256 patients who completed the program over 12 years has resulted in 47% of patients maintaining function between cycles and 45% of patients rapidly developing enhanced gross motor functions. Najat is one of many CMRC success stories for patients and their families. CMRC brings its continuum of care to Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the GCC region.

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