ABU DHABI, UAE: Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center (CMRC), the leading GCC Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care provider ensuring a “continuum of care” to its patients, today announced the newest success story for their Kozyavkin Program. The highly effective rehabilitation treatment is aimed at patients with Cerebral Palsy (CP) or other neurological conditions that affect freedom of movement. Young Thunayan is the latest of CMRC’s walking success stories.

Thunayan sought treatment at CMRC in 2019 at the age of 16 months. A 23-week premature birth, the infant suffered from hypoxia and, later, due to noticed delayed milestones, he was diagnosed with CP.  Young Thunayan’s rehabilitative plan of action included Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and eventually Speech Therapy. He was referred to the Kozyavkin Program in Jan 2020 and discharged 15 months later as he was able to stand and walk independently without difficulty and with good balance.

“Thank God, he was enrolled in the Kozyavkin method. As a result of this treatment, Thunayan could walk, strengthen his muscles, and regain his skills. Al Hamdullelah.”  said Thunayan’s mother.

Dr. Howard Podolsky, Group Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center is humbled and privileged to provide innovative and ground-breaking care to patients such as Thunayan. Our longstanding clinical collaboration with Professor Kozyavkin and his team is testimony to our unyielding commitment to improving the quality of life for each and every patient we encounter. ”

The Kozyavkin method is a multi-system program consisting of two phases that aims to rehabilitate nerve function. The first phase – the intensive rehabilitation process – takes place over 15 to 21 days. Patients partake in a cycle that combines both physical and mental therapy. The emphasis is on spinal and peripheral joint range of motion, increasing muscle strength, increasing coordination and control, and reducing spasticity while increasing tone through movement. Therapeutic Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Joint Mobilization, Group Rhythmic Exercises, and Rehabilitation Computer Games are all part of the program. All sessions are led by skilled physicians, physiotherapists, and massage professionals who have been specifically trained and certified to perform the treatment. Following this phase, the child can return to a daily home exercise program called the consolidation phase.

Over 12 years, the method has shown that it is helpful in 47% of patients maintaining function between cycles and 45% of patients rapidly developing enhanced gross motor functions. Thunayan has had ongoing physiotherapy follow-up sessions between the Kozyavkin Method treatment cycles. Thunayan stands out as another success story as a result of CMRC’s continuum of care. The center is dedicated to providing patients of all ages and their families with world-class rehabilitation methodologies in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the entire GCC region.

About Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center

Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center was founded in 2014 as the preeminent provider of Long-Term Care and Post-Acute Rehabilitation services in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by introducing global, world-class rehabilitation services to the healthcare sector guided by their experience in enhancing the patient’s journey defined as the “Continuum of Care.”

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center (CMRC) is a group of Post-Acute Care facilities with specialized In-Patient & Out-Patient rehabilitation programs designed for Adults, Adolescents & Children in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, in the United Arab Emirates and Dhahran in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. CMRC offers multidisciplinary rehabilitation services with resources to serve the needs of patients to help them reach their potential rehab goals. Recognized by CARF and JCI, an exceptional value is demonstrated by improving the patients’ care, creating a second home experience for patients and their families, minimizing risks of infections, and improved outcomes with an interdisciplinary clinical approach. Such a vision established successful results that positively impacted the quality of life for more than 1,400 improved in-patients and more than 150,000 out-patients. Having the highest discharge rate among the long-term care and rehabilitation facilities in the UAE & KSA, patients with acute injuries like Stroke, Spinal Cord & Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Road Traffic Accidents have been successfully discharged. Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center has a high weaning rate for mechanically ventilated patients demonstrating that CMRC achieves the mission of enhancing the quality of life for its patients and their families. Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center uses the most current, internationally accepted evidence-based clinical practices that help patients overcome their obstacles and fulfill their needs in restoring their capacity and aiming for a better quality of life.

CMRC is owned by Amanat Holdings, a UAE publicly listed investment company that believes investing in a more innovative, healthier society is a more successful one.

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