Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry: 140 Field Visits to Industrial Facilities in the Emirate in H1 2021

  • The visits serve to strengthen the Chamber’s relations with its members.

Ajman: The Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Relations and Members Support Office organised 140 field visits to various factories and industrial sector facilities in the emirate in the first half of 2021. 

The visits serve to support Chamber members and strengthen relations with them, in addition to promoting the services and facilities that Ajman Chamber offers its members, particularly companies and factories operating in various sectors in the emirate.

Furthermore, the tours helped familiarise the Chamber with these factories to better promote their products and services, ensure members’ sustainability, support their business, and remove any obstacles standing in their way.

Abdullah Abdulmohsen Al Nuaimi, Director of the Ajman Chamber Relations and Members Support Office, said: “Strengthening relations with members and partners from all sectors is a top priority for the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We work to provide all forms of support and facilities necessary to ensure business development, especially in the industrial sector, which has become a point of great focus for the Emirate of Ajman given its promising potential for growth.”

“The series of visits to Ajman-based factories will further introduce and promote the Chamber’s services, all the while strengthening its relations with companies and factories. On the flip side, they also help familiarise individuals with the emirate’s most important industrial sectors,” Al Nuaimi added, noting that the Relations and Members Support Office will continue organising similar tours in the near future.

With its periodic field visits, the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry seeks to ensure business continuity in the emirate, promote investment opportunities, support the business community, and promote social responsibility in the business sector. The Chamber seeks to establish direct communication with various entities to determine the challenges they face, and develop effective solutions for them. The objective is to ultimately provide an attractive industrial investment environment for foreign investments and companies.