Al Dahra BayWa boosts logistics and distribution strategy with Dubai expansion


Agri firm opens facility in the emirate to hasten delivery of freshly harvested premium tomatoes to consumers in Dubai and northern emirates

UAE: Al Dahra BayWa, a leading sustainable agribusiness company in the UAE, has announced the opening of its facility in Dubai as part of its plan to expand its operations and to be closer to its customers and suppliers. The move will ensure optimum distribution to Dubai and the northern emirates of its locally grown, premium quality tomatoes under its Mahalli brand. This expansion represents a forward step in achieving Al Dahra BayWa’s vision of solidifying its market presence and promoting its diverse line of tomato produce across the UAE.

The new facility will help enhance the firm’s logistics and distribution power and ensure a faster delivery to local markets all throughout the UAE. It will also include a fully equipped station for loading and unloading containers dispatched through trucks, manned by qualified staff to ensure efficient operations.

Georg Czerny, Managing Director, Al Dahra BayWa, said: “The new warehouse within Dubai’s fresh market is the ideal location for us to manage the daily transport of our fresh harvest to the local market in Dubai and the northern emirates within a few hours. We look forward to supplying major retailers with fresh, high-quality tomatoes at an efficient delivery time. This move demonstrates our readiness to serve markets across UAE, as part of our expansion plan. We reaffirm our commitment to expand our business for the long term and play a key contributor role to the development of the high-tech agribusiness sector in the UAE. We are ready to meet the increasing market demand and offer UAE consumers more options to enjoy fresh, best quality, locally grown produce. We are proud to contribute to the country’s efforts to increase local agricultural production in the country through the sustainable year-round supply of fresh and high-quality tomatoes.” 

Al Dahra BayWa is a pioneer of innovative farming in the UAE that aims to support the country’s food security strategy through sustainable agricultural practices. Its headquarters are located just a few kilometers from Al Ain’s town center, spanning over 12 hectares of facilities, of which 11 hectares are dedicated to a semi-closed greenhouse and nursery. The firm manages a hi-tech infrastructure, manned by a team of experts, to grow premium tomatoes all year round. 

As an environmentally responsible company, Al Dahra BayWa yields high-quality tomato produce using innovative sustainable farming methods with a 100 per cent irrigation recirculation process and the most water-efficient system with 80 per cent less irrigation water compared to traditional open-field farming. The company locally grows premium tomatoes following European food quality standards and sold under the Mahalli brand at competitive prices. As part of its expansion plans, the company aims to produce other crops.

About Al Dahra BayWa:

Al Dahra Baywa is a joint venture established in 2018 between Al Dahra Agriculture LLC, a prominent leader in agribusiness specializing in animal feed and essential food commodities based in Abu Dhabi and BayWa AG, pioneer agriculture, energy, and building materials trading and services group headquartered in Munich, Germany. The ground-breaking project is a major producer of premium tomatoes. Under the Mahalli brand, the company has become the largest supplier of locally produced tomatoes in the UAE. As part of its expansion plan, the venture is currently exploring opportunities to develop new projects and to extend the product range to different crops.

Al Dahra BayWa is known for using sustainable and innovative farming techniques within 12 hectares of its modern farm facility located in Al Ain. The company raises the bar in sustainable farming using resource-saving and hygienic processes, integrated plant health management, and state-of-the-art greenhouse technologies. Its production facility meets European-quality produce and international certification standards. Al Dahra BayWa produces and harvests fresh-tasting tomatoes daily and distributes them on the same day. The company expects to add about 5,000 tons of local fresh produce to the UAE market annually.