Al Dahra BayWa rolls out to UAE markets its first harvest of the year

  • Locally grown premium tomatoes to arrive in local markets under Mahalli brand
  • Company strengthens drive to contribute to UAE’s food security program through modern sustainable agriculture practices

Al Dahra BayWa, a leading UAE-based sustainable agribusiness company, has announced that it has rolled out the market distribution of its first harvest of locally grown tomatoes. The premium tomatoes under its Mahalli brand offering are set to be delivered from Al Dahra BayWa’s facility in Al Ain to supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores and food suppliers across the country.

Al Dahra BayWa produces local high-value tomatoes known for their quality and premium taste, grown, and harvested from a hi-tech, climate-controlled environment, with the highest European standards, while employing leading sustainable methods such as water-efficient technologies and pesticide-conservative practices.

The company also uses a state-of-the-art packaging system, including automated sorting, grading, and packaging with minimal human intervention. The sustainable top-seal packaging has never been used in the local market before and has been adopted to ensure maximum freshness and quality of the tomatoes.  

Georg Czerny, Managing Director, Al Dahra BayWa, said: “Integrating innovative farming methods which are monitored by our team of agriculture experts and using the latest greenhouse technology enable us to deliver to our consumers the most fresh-tasting, nutritious, and superior quality tomatoes from a local sustainable high-tech farm. We are committed to enriching the UAE’s food market with year-round production of sustainable, and high-quality tomatoes harvested every day and delivered to the customers the same day. Our efforts support the UAE’s ambitions to transform the country as a global hub for innovation-based food security in line with the UAE National Food Security Strategy.” 

Al Dahra Baywa, a joint venture established by Abu Dhabi-based Al Dahra and German firm BayWa, is located few kilometers from Al Ain’s town center, spanning over 12 hectares of land, with 11 hectares dedicated to a semi-closed greenhouse. Al Dahra BayWa built a hi-tech infrastructure, manned by a team of experts to sustainably grow premium tomatoes year-round. 

The facility optimizes production-related processes and leverages modern farming technologies and has expanded the range of locally grown premium tomatoes to six varieties since its establishment, demonstrating its capabilities to grow crops all year round despite the challenging climate.

About Al Dahra BayWa:

Al Dahra Baywa is a joint venture established in 2018 between Al Dahra Agriculture LLC, a prominent leader in agribusiness specializing in animal feed and essential food commodities based in Abu Dhabi and BayWa AG, pioneer agriculture, energy, and building materials trading and services group headquartered in Munich, Germany. The ground-breaking project is a major producer of premium tomatoes. Under the Mahalli brand, the company has become the largest supplier of locally produced tomatoes in the UAE. As part of its expansion plan, the venture is currently exploring opportunities to develop new projects and to extend the product range to different crops.

Al Dahra BayWa is known for using sustainable and innovative farming techniques within 12 hectares of its modern farm facility located in Al Ain. The company raises the bar in sustainable farming using resource-saving and hygienic processes, integrated plant health management, and state-of-the-art greenhouse technologies. Its production facility meets European-quality produce and international certification standards. Al Dahra BayWa produces and harvests fresh-tasting tomatoes daily and distributes them on the same day. The company expects to add about 5,000 tons of local fresh produce to the UAE market annually.