The UAE’s jewellery house brings two extraordinary collections of the world-famous Terzihan to Abu Dhabi 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Terzihan, the illustrious Turkish jewellery house makes its debut in Abu Dhabi in collaboration with the home-grown jewellery noble Al Fardan Jewellery. Terzihan’s entry into the Abu Dhabi jewellery scene reflects the brand’s recent expansion initiative, which has seen the brand appear in several renowned luxury jewellery retailers including, Harrods, Madlords Paris, Frost of London, Elle Bzhou Boutique, and Farfetch, and now the UAE’s Al Fardan Jewellery. For three consecutive days, from 11th to 13th October, UAE jewellery connoisseurs will be able to have a glimpse of Terzihan’s Neutra and Fizzy, the brand’s most remarkable collections and purchase preferred pieces at Al Fardan Jewellery boutique located at Nation Towers Mall in Abu Dhabi. The collections highlight the brand’s design-led evolution over the past five years, marrying their storied Mediterranean and Middle Eastern history with progressive and modern concepts. They are set to delight the most sophisticated aesthetes.

Neutra encompasses Terzihan’s multiculturalism with each range of jewellery within the collection celebrating a unique part of the world’s history and culture. The histories of Africa, Japan, Europe, and South America are all reflected within the collection. The Fizzy Collection emphasises Terzihan’s roots, accentuating Mediterranean sentimentality and modernity. The collection utilises vibrant enamel colours with edgy forms to encompass the breadth of ethnic influences the Mediterranean is home to.

Coinciding with Al Fardan Jewellery recent rebranding, Terzihan introduction to the Abu Dhabi jewellery scene mirrors the brand’s values ethos. Similarly to Terzihan, Al Fardan Jewellery underscores its storied history and heritage. The brand dates back to 1954, and the influence of its Emirati heritage is reflected in its own in-house collection and its curated selection from luxury jewellery houses from around the world. Al Fardan will maintain its reverence for the past with its recent rebrand while incorporating a contemporary identity that offers a more inclusive and diverse range of pieces while adding modern, vibrant brands to its extensive portfolio.

The Al Fardan Group’s CEO, Hasan Fardan Al Fardan, says, “By fusing modern styles with influences from our traditional Emirati heritage, we’re confident that we’ve curated one of the most exceptional arrays of jewellery to be found anywhere in the UAE. We will be forever proud of our background and history. Still, we also want to build on the success of our original range, embrace international influences, and create innovative and dynamic pieces that make the wearer feel empowered, uplifted and unstoppable.”

Terzihan’s modern yet culturally awakened designs align well with Al Fardan Jewellery’s recent rebrand. Both Terzihan and Al Fardan Jewellery are family-run businesses imbued with storied histories whilst looking forward to the future and embracing modern concepts.

The brand’s original jewellery atelier was established in Istanbul in 1974 and, to this day, is still run by the Terzihan family. The family’s own internal cultural and ethnic diversity in tandem with their experiences spanning across the Mediterranean and the Middle East inform Terzihan’s handcrafted pieces.

Terzihan’s creative director, Cem Terzihan says, “We design and produce how we live, incorporating the array of cultures and styles that are part of our everyday life. You can feel the multicultural and historical influences when you wear a piece of Terzihan jewellery – the Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Southern European perspectives all coming together, embracing modernity and open-mindedness. We are excited to take our regional interpretations into new markets like the UAE.”

Terzihan has taken the lead in the jewellery space, designing with progression, modernity, and inclusivity in mind. “We stand with everyone. We seek to use our voice and independence as a brand to share the stories that resonate with us and that mirror our ethos,” says Cem.

Terzihan will be available in Al Fardan Jewellery boutique in Nation Towers Mall in Abu Dhabi exclusively from 11th to 13th October 2021. The entry marks the beginning of an exciting venture as the two brands join forces to shape the future of the luxury jewellery space. The past and future collide between Terzihan and Al Fardan’s ethos to produce innovative and original pieces.

Cem Terzihan will be available for one-on-one interviews on the 13th October in Abu Dhabi and on the 14th October in Dubai. 

About Al Fardan Jewellery: 

Al Fardan Jewellery, the brand synonymous with sophistication and utmost luxury, is a reputable manufacturer and retailer of the most prestigious contemporary and momentous jewellery and watches.  While setting the highest standards in the jewellery industry, every piece represents a significant addition to its owner’s style and charisma. 

Founded in 1954, the home-grown family-run company displays a remarkable assortment of stylish jewellery pieces designed to appeal to all ages, budgets, and tastes. Steeped in the heritage of the pearl industry and rich Emirati traditions, the brand specialises in offering some of the most extraordinary pieces to be found anywhere in the UAE. Alongside its own impressive collection, Al Fardan Jewellery features a range of international brands, including Yeprem, Repossi, George Hakim, Corum, Chaumet and many more. 

Located at the up-market Nation Towers mall, the flagship boutique boasts an unparalleled jewellery selection suitable for a special occasion, a personal treat, or a gift.