Amsterdam-born confectionary brand launches its first one-of-a-kind concept store in Dubai as it aims to put healthy Middle Eastern treats on the map


SumSum & Co’s first Middle Eastern franchise has opened its first concept store on Dubai’s new retail and entertainment destination, Al Khawaneej Walk, where it will sell more than 30 flavours of Halva, superfood Tahini, date syrup, and infused tea

Dubai: SumSum & Co, a Dutch confectionary brand, has launched its first Middle Eastern franchise with a brand-new concept store on Dubai’s new retail and entertainment destination, Al Khawaneej Walk.

Brought to the UAE by Dubai’s famed Saif Belhasa Holding, SumSum & Co’s brand centres around home-crafted organic, gluten-free and vegan sweet delicacies and puts the spotlight on goods containing sesame seeds – a popular oilseed widely consumed in the Middle East.

SumSum & Co boasts more than 30 different flavours of the best handmade halva – a sweet sesame treat – and tahini, a superfood from pure Ethiopian organic sesame and a famous paste used in hummus. Fruit, chocolate, spice and other natural flavours elevate all SumSum’s products, and other speciality food products include date syrup, one of the world’s healthiest sweeteners, made from Majhul dates cookies, and organic herbal tea.

The brand has opened its first store on Al Khawaneej Walk; a neighbourhood-inspired spot set to be Dubai resident’s new hangout with a mall placed within a picturesque outdoor lake and features both indoor and outdoor space, along with an 18-metre tall windmill – perfect to check out as the weather cools down.

The brand – born with a mission of turning Halva and Tahini into a delicacy of the Middle East – is represented by persona, ‘Granny Sophie’. From her humble beginnings in the heart of Amsterdam’s Windmill Village, Granny Sophie started off watching her parents in the kitchen as a young child, mesmerised as her parents would grind sesame seeds into Tahini and mix it with hot sugar syrup. Young Sophie followed her passion and continued her journey in the Mediterranean seas to discover the origin and detail each and every ingredient that helps create the perfect Halva delicacy.

Today, Granny Sophie has taken SumSum’s local family recipe to a journey of perfecting the art of Halva making and became a brand that has the local community at heart.

The SumSum & Co’s brand was brought to the U.A.E with the belief that there is a gap in the market for home-grown superfoods to be transformed into delicacies suitable for even the most discerning palate. 

Saif Ahmed Belhasa, Chairman of Saif Belhasa Holding and a prominent Emirati businessman, said: “We are delighted to bring SumSum to the UAE – and the Middle East – for the first time, as it is the perfect brand for the local diverse culinary scene.

“At a time when consumers are, more than ever, putting their health and wellbeing first, focusing on what they can do to include functional ingredients in their diet, while still enjoying a delicious treat – the brand will resonate with our ever-growing health-conscious residents. 

“SumSum packs a nutritious punch – using superfoods sourced from the Middle East and using the ingredients – together with decades-old and personally-tuned recipes – to craft the finest culinary experience. 

“All the items available for purchase at SumSum are chock full of the best-sourced ingredients designed to contribute to optimal health, improve endurance, boost stamina, and sharpen mental focus – the super of superfoods.”

Handmade with love to maintain its traditional culinary legacy, the Middle Eastern treat is both traditional and unique – but compatible with today’s flavours and health trends from around the world. 

The brand – using premium ingredients that meet the highest European standards – aims to bring new flavours, new ingredients, and a whole new experience that will take your dessert platter to the next level. 

As part of their launch, SumSum is running a week-long promotion, giving buyers infused teabags with the purchase of selected Halva boxes.

About SumSum: 

Born in the heart of Amsterdam, SumSum & Co is a family-owned middle eastern inspired oriental delicacy that came to life when the family turned Halva’s & Tahini’s from the middle eastern cuisine into the finest culinary experiences. SumSum is a well-known brand in Amsterdam and they have just launched their first branch In Dubai, to represent the very first premium Halva confectionery shop in the UAE.