An ever-growing industry with an ever-growing company, Option 1 live leads the technology and content industry in UAE.


An ever-growing industry with an ever-growing company, Option 1 live leads the technology and content industry in UAE.

The event service industry has always been impressive. With the presence of Option 1 Live, this takes it to a new level. Established in UAE in 2009 by Sujoy Cherian in order to merge event technology and content, Option 1 live has since become a hub for boundless solutions. The initial birth of his entrepreneurship  started in 1997 when Sujoy began his first business venture into an audio-visual and special effects company. Since then, he has founded Option 1 Live that leads the technology and content industry in the UAE whilst homing the first multi-dimensional volumetric display in the world.

Option 1 Live specialise in events technology, hybrid production and content development. With the unique and exclusive technology integration through global partnerships, Option 1 Live has earnt a stellar reputation in the current market served.

The company takes on multiple levels such as curating meticulously conceptualized designs that coincide with cutting edge technology. In addition to this, the multifaceted team concentrates on large scale event planning as well as content production and creative conceptualization of immersive experiences.  

“I have seen Option 1 Live progressively grow throughout the years. From starting as an event and AV solution provider and advancing to technology and content creators, the business has successfully expanded” says Sujoy Cherian, Founder and CEO of Option 1 live.

The company has built the verticals to ensure all dots are connected within the entertainment and corporate sector to give a specific and distinctive experience to their clients and projects. By penetrating the R&D world, Option 1 live has taken leaps into creating solutions to take technology to the next level.

With continuous alteration within the event service industry, Option 1 live pushes the limits on the capabilities of mixed media using advanced technologies, artificial intelligence and cross platform integration. With the company’s strategic business units specialising in these areas of services, it allows for curation of unique solutions for the appropriate clientele in both the government and corporate sectors.

There have been numerous successes for Option 1 live which include investment into the multi-dimensional volumetric display – a concept designed and produced to enter the market of immersive and digital experience and is the first of its kind in the world. Option 1 live’s technology and content solutions have also reached global audiences, a significant milestone for the organisation.

With the future constantly in mind for the company, Option 1 live Films broadcasted their first docudrama production “Wajadtu Nafsi” on Sama Dubai, Dubai One and Dubai TV during this month of Ramadan. The company has also expanded into the technology integrated interior solutions, speicialising in security operations and command centers, innovation labs and visitor experiential centers. 

Option 1 live is not just your average agency but solution providers to make a vision a reality by driving and integrating technology like none other in the industry.

About Option 1

Option 1 live is an illustrious event technology, content & hybrid company that offers turnkey immersive experiences.

The team consists of proficient event organizers, content creators  and technologists that focus on the end user experience.

Option 1 live seeks to go above and beyond the principal suggestions by using cutting edge mixed media technology and insight-based learning to analyze the key purpose and market pertinence of the utilized media.