Wilo achieves record sales


Multinational technology group Wilo ends the fiscal year 2021 with sales of nearly 1.7 billion euros.

In the past financial year 2021, the Wilo Group generated record sales of nearly 1.7 billion euros. Despite persistently difficult conditions, the innovation leader thus increased its sales revenue by 13.8 percent. Earnings before taxes (EBITDA) also reached an all-time high of EUR 181.1 million. This represents an increase of more than 30 percent. “The pleasing results speak a clear language: the Wilo Group is ideally positioned to achieve sustainable, profitable growth, even in difficult times and under unfavorable economic conditions,” said Oliver Hermes, President and CEO of the Wilo Group.

The unforeseeable situation in the middle of Europe and the Coronavirus pandemic, which has been ongoing for over two years, also intensified the global decoupling tendencies in the past financial year: Multinational alliances are being called into question, economic cooperations are being dissolved, supply chains are being subject to sanctions, and embargoes are being imposed. “More and more, German and European companies are getting caught between the fronts of geopolitical disputes,” explains Oliver Hermes. The Wilo Group specifically has been encountering these developments for years and, to this end, further expanded its global presence in the past financial year. Among other things, the Group invested more than 170 million euros in the construction and expansion of sales and production locations in the modernization and expansion of production facilities, acquisitions, and takeovers.

In line with the “region-for-region” approach, the company strengthened the American market, among others. North America, in particular, has become one of the most important sales markets in recent years. The acquisition of QuantumFlo, Inc., a specialist in booster sets and intelligent pump systems, completed in fiscal 2021, consolidates the Technology Group’s market position. In addition, new state-of-the-art production and administration buildings were and are being built in the USA, China, and India.

Today, Wilo has a presence around the globe- through its global network of more than 80 production and sales companies. According to the CEO, this is another reason for the robust success in the past financial year.

In 2021, the Wilo Group also received awards for its commitment to combating climate change: the German Sustainability Award 2021, the Ecovadis Sustainability Rating in Gold, and the title of “Climate Pioneer” (Handelsblatt) are proof of its innovation leadership. Wilo is regarded in the industry as one of the pioneers in climate protection and has set itself the goal of saving 50 million tons of CO2 by 2025, thus making a substantial contribution to reducing emissions. “Wilo is also leading the way as a pioneer in the hydrogen era: as part of the implementation of our dedicated hydrogen strategy, the “H2 Powerplant” will be open at the Wilopark in Dortmund. This will serve as a self-sufficient, decentralized, and regenerative solution for secure energy supply,” says Oliver Hermes. 

The global player has chosen a special time for this. In 2022, Wilo celebrates its 150th anniversary. “The “Kupfer- und Messingwarenfabrik Louis Opländer” (Louis Opländer Copper and Brassware Factory), which was close to home, has long since become a leading global premium supplier of pumps, systems, and solutions. Tradition and innovation have always shaped our thoughts and actions with aim to make people’s lives better,” emphasizes Oliver Hermes.

About Wilo:

The Wilo Group is one of the world’s leading premium supplier of pumps and pump systems for the building services, water management, and industrial sectors. In the past decade, we have developed from a hidden champion into a visible and connected champion. Today, Wilo has 8,200 employees worldwide.

Our innovative solutions, smart products, and individual services move water in an intelligent, efficient, and climate-friendly manner. We are also making an important contribution to climate protection with our

sustainability strategy and in conjunction with our partners. We are systematically pressing ahead with the digital transformation of the Group. We are already the digital pioneer in the industry with our products and solutions, processes, and business models.