An Interview with Ahmed Mokhtar, Digital Marketing for Pharmaceutical Products in UAE

Ahmed Samy Mokhtar | Digital Consultant | Co-founder and Director of Business Development of Eureka Digital

In an interview with Ahmed Mokhtar, co-founder of Eureka digital Inc. – a digital agency that is specialized in marketing healthcare and pharmaceutical brands that have worked for big-name pharmaceutical companies in the UAE – Ahmed has revealed a few secrets that lead Eureka Digital to be a leading digital agency, in addition to some do’s and don’ts when it comes to marketing consumer healthcare products in the UAE. Let’s get right into it.

First, tell me a little bit about Digital marketing!

Well, digital marketing is the type of marketing that uses the internet and tech solutions to promote products, services, or ideas. This includes the utilization of websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, search engines, content marketing, emails, and others. Almost all brands have embraced digital marketing in a way or another in the past decade due to the shift of people’s behavior from watching TV to online streaming and from reading newspapers to visiting news portals. After COVID19 and the consequent lockdown, digital marketing has gained more and more attention since it was the only way to reach out to a targeted audience that shares the same interests at the click of a button. 

You said people are shifting online, what about UAE? 

We all know that UAE is a success story in modernization and tech application. It has one of the best infrastructures in communication all over the world. It has super-fast internet speed; it’s ranked the 16th country in terms of mobile download speed as per Opensignal report in 2020.

In UAE, you can buy a smartphone and access the internet with just peanuts.

An interesting fact is that more than 99% of the total population in UAE are active internet users!

Which social media platform do you recommend for brands? 

It depends on multiple factors such as campaign objective, target audience, budget, and others. Sometimes I recommend Facebook, while for some other brands I see that Instagram will more effective. If a brand has enough budget, I highly recommend approaching the target audience via multiple platforms. 

A mistake that many people fall into is spending most of their budget on one platform because most of their own connections exist there. I’d rather be customer-centric and communicate with the audience wherever they are.

Speaking of budget, what’s your advice for brands that have a limited marketing budget? 

Do not favor price over quality. Working with agencies that have experience in the niche is key. Looking with an agency that has launched successful pharma digital campaigns is worthwhile and pays off. On the other hand, do not waste your budget on something that does not meet your needs. 

Are there challenges when it comes to digital marketing pharmaceutical products in UAE?

The most important part is to follow UAE MOHAP regulation regarding approvals, communication guidelines, and limitations. Since the pharma industry is directly related to people’s health, marketing pharmaceutical products or brands is sensitive and requires paying attention to the rules put by Health regulatory affairs to communicate with the public. 

I see another challenge related to the diverse culture, as UAE is a cosmopolitan country hence it’s crucial to consider this in communication. For example, if we’re marketing a feminine care product, some cultures may find it embarrassing and they don’t accept an explicit approach. So it is essential to speak the right language, which involves a little bit of analysis beforehand.

If you’ll name only one piece of advice for digital marketing, what would it be?

It’d be as simple as being authentic, unique, and special to stand out in the crowd!

Online platforms in the UAE are full of many brands in each industry. It means you need to do something that catches attention and makes you special.

Time is up, and we have reached the end of our conversation. Do you have any message you want to send to the audience?

My best wishes to you, your families, and your loved ones… Stay safe.

Thank you so much, Ahmed, for your time. Until we meet again!

Thank you 😊