Astra Tech’s BOTIM collaborates on earthquake relief efforts with Emirates Red Crescent


Dubai, UAE – In an effort to support the fundraising for the people of Türkiye and Syria, through its BOTIM platform, Astra Tech, a UAE-based technology development group, is providing for donations by its users through Emirates Red Crescent.

The initiative will enable BOTIM users across the UAE to use the BOTIM app to help support devastated communities. Users will be directed to the Emirates Red Crescent page from the banner on the BOTIM Explore page, where they can select any donation amount and pay it directly to Emirates Red Crescent.

Abdallah Abu Sheikh, CEO of Astra Tech, commented, “We have witnessed a tragedy, and your contributions towards aid for Türkiye and Syria will contribute towards saving thousands of lives. The earthquake has affected thousands of people’s homes, families, and lives, and we are humbled to help relieve their pain and assist in their recovery by working with Emirates Red Crescent.”

The earthquake in Türkiye and Syria has caused devastation across the country and beyond, with an increasing death toll and leaving tens of thousands of people injured and homeless. Through a unified effort with its users, BOTIM will help Emirates Red Crescent raise funds to support those in need since the tragedy struck.

About BOTIM:

Astra Tech commenced its quest to create an ultra app with the acquisition of the Central Bank of the UAE licensed fintech, PayBy, in 2022. Soon after, it acquired BOTIM, renowned for VoIP across the MENA region. The intention is to transform BOTIM from a communication app into the bedrock for the ultra app.  Through the app, BOTIM intends to offer a full suite of digital services to its users, including fintech, government, pharmaceutical, retail, and many more services. The ultra app will enhance the digital lives of BOTIM’s users by offering seamless and convenient access to day-to-day services. Established in 2017, BOTIM operates in 155 countries, offering free chat – including group chats, free video, and voice calls – including group calls, P2P money transfers within UAE, phone recharges and bill payments locally and internationally, gaming, health features, and Quran recitation. All fintech payment solutions provided by BOTIM are powered by PayBy.


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