Axia Investments Launches New Trading Platform Designed for GCC Countries

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Abu Dhabi, UAE:  Leading brokerage firm Axia Investments has announced the launch of a new trading platform, specially designed to suit the needs of traders in the Gulf Coast countries. Among other features exclusive to users of Axia Investments’ platforms, traders from the GCC can capitalize on the upcoming trends across a variety of local stocks. “We provide our clients with something other firms tend to overlook, and that’s our long-term vision, to combine local with global to the sum of a truly unique trading package”, noted Dean Janssen, spokesperson for Axia Investments. “Our users deserve the most robust, safe and secure infrastructure and environment to help them trade with peace of mind – wherever on the globe they may be.”  

Utilizing the full potential of the GCC

The Gulf Coast countries have played an essential role in the global economic development for the past two decades. Recent developments in the Middle East have opened many possibilities for Gulf Coast citizens, hence the motive behind this step taken by Axia Investments. The company offers its traders over 400 assets with a zero-commission trading, making it especially attractive for their clientele. 

“We will provide our new partners from the Arab speaking world the most luxurious benefits and trading conditions: access to top-tier trading tools, the most up-to-date educational resources, state of the art trading platforms and much more, and that is a guarantee,” said Janssen. “We know these are challenging times and traders – whether from the Middle East, Europe, North America or anywhere else – deserve complete assurance that their money is in safe hands. That’s why our professional team of experts, analysts and service providers are carefully chosen with a user-success orientation. That’s the way it has been by us from day one and that’s the way it’s going to stay.”

About Axia Investments:

Based in Seychelles and providing services worldwide, Axia Investments is a reputable brokerage house enabling a vast array of trading instruments such as commodities, stocks, indices, forex, crypto currencies, ETFs and more. The company is under full regulation of the Financial Services Authority and boasts competitive low spreads to all partner traders, regardless of their initial investments. Its 24/5 support policy, along with personalized support backed by an individual analyst team, are what makes the company stand out from the competition.