Balqees Holds a Huge Concert With Her Father at the Opera House in Cairo


DUBAI, UAE: PRNewswire: A huge concert was held by the artist Balqees Fathi in the large theatre of the Egyptian Opera House, which brought her together for the first time with her father, the great artist Ahmed Fathi, who personally oversaw the organization of the concert along with the symphonic orchestra band led by maestro Hani Hassan.

This first of its kind charity ceremony was attended by more than 2,000 people from presidents, politicians and ministers from different Arab communities, and sources said that many arrived from their countries only for one day to attend this big concert. The profits from the concert revenues will be allocated for the two charities: Al Basma Charity Association in Egypt and Sonaa Al Hayat (Life Makers) Association in Tihama in Yemen.

Balqees and her father filled the audience with glee for two continuous hours of national and Yemeni songs, and Balqees wowed the audience with her performance in singing in Italian, while her father Ahmed Fathi played several musical compositions and sang his masterpiece, with which became famous in the eighties, “denying us.”