Raffaello leads the way in crowdsourcing video content in the Middle East

  • Raffaello engaged with more than 260 filmmakers at HUMAN Films; Emirati student at American University in Dubai is one of the winners
  • HUMAN Films provides a platform to Middle East filmmakers to create insightful, culturally relevant content for brands

UAE, Dubai: Leading Italian confectionery brand Raffaello recently partnered with HUMAN Films, the Middle East’s first crowdsourcing portal for video content. Raffaello engaged with more than 260 filmmakers at HUMAN Films for video content concepts and to generate creative, culturally relevant, branded ideas.  

Crowd sourcing is a great medium for content creation and new idea generation. This is a bold move away from relying solely on agency or in-house talent, which could develop biases and fatigue over time, or miss the fundamental concept of connecting at a human level, due to the constant proximity to the brand.

The brand manager of Raffaello, Marika Magri, explains why the brand chose to crowd source content: “The idea is very refreshing and it was a great pleasure to work with the community at HUMAN which represents diverse nationalities, reflecting the true nature of the Middle East market. It offers marketers access to multiple viewpoints and creative expressions. The top submissions were from the UAE, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.”

One of the winners, Rasheed Hattab, an Emirati student at AUD says, “It was a great opportunity for me to use my creative skills and come up with an idea which I would like to watch on social media. We need more of such opportunities to express our ideas and showcase our talent.”

Rakesh Kumar, the CEO of HUMAN Films, says, “This is the age of democratization of content and it needs to come from the consumer. We are trying to break the myth of lack of creative talent in the region and we need to give a platform to filmmakers to express their creativity and be a part of creating social media content.”

Crowdsourcing for ideas is a very popular international concept however crowdsourcing for video content is a revolutionary concept in the region and a fairly new concept globally.

About HUMAN Films:

HUMAN Films is a part of HUMAN & is the Middle East’s first crowdsourcing portal for video content. It has a strong community of 260+ filmmakers, which is growing rapidly. HUMAN Films was established earlier this year to create a strong filmmaking practice and enhance creativity in the Middle East. The Middle East has a very strong pool of filmmakers, who are mostly the millennial generation. Local universities such as the AUD have been teaching courses, which specialize in storytelling and filmmaking. The objective of HUMAN Films is to provide marketers with an opportunity to create effective branded content using crowd sourcing.

About Raffaello:

Raffaello is the only specialty from Ferrero that thanks to its color, the white, and the way it is presented, able to transmit simplicity with delicacy, purity and beauty.

That’s why people at Ferrero have decided to use this brand to speak about love.

Raffaello was launched in 1990 and nowadays is the 5th praline most sold in the world, being in the GCC for more than 10 years. It is made with gentle coconut flakes, surrounding a crispy wafer, containing a gentle creamy filling hiding a white almond heart

Raffaello, Piacere Puro