BBAC Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

BBAC 60 Anniversary-Employees
BBAC 60 Anniversary-Employees
BBAC 60 Anniversary-Employees

Beirut, Lebanon: BBAC (Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries) celebrated its 60th anniversary with a huge ceremony held in “Biel”- Beirut Central District. The ceremony was attended by the Chairman General Manager of BBAC, Sheikh Ghassan Assaf, and a number of political, social and media figures, along with around 850 of the bank’s employees.

At the opening of the ceremony, Sheikh Ghassan Assaf welcomed the attendees with a speech of gratitude to the bank’s family of customers and employees, underscoring that the family values that connect BBAC to its community, contributed to the bank’s growth and allowed it to thrive over 60 years.

Then Sheikh Assaf addressed the audience saying: “BBAC’s 60 years of rich history and undisputed expertise mark its continuous evolution, banking ethics and values. The perpetual development the bank has achieved was a result of sound corporate governance driven by balanced and organic growth. BBAC has always been keen on realizing its vision as a leading bank, through activating its presence within local and foreign markets. Add to the above, BBAC commits to acting with the utmost professionalism and integrity in all aspects, and invests in its staff that sets customer care as their top priority.”

Sheikh Assaf then cited key upcoming projects within the bank’s vision to rival the banking sector and face competition, in the forefront the development and expansion of the bank’s branch network locally and abroad, in addition to the launching of a comprehensive contemporary image of the bank that simulates the future and suits the aspirations of younger generations.

Addressing the bank’s staff, Sheikh Assaf concluded: “Today, we celebrate your devotion to work and care to customers who have remained loyal over the years, as well as our values and ethics that protected the bank and led it to opulence. “Together” we rejoice this strong united family; BBAC’s family, for BBAC has always been the caring bank that sees in its customers and employees a family that cherishes integrity, united under the umbrella of the word “Together”; the driving force behind the bank’s achievements today, tomorrow and in the years to come.”

Afterwards, a short documentary film that abridges 60 years of BBAC’s attainments, triumphs and aspirations was played; reflecting the bank’s commitment to its promise to continue to steadily prove that BBAC is “Your Caring Bank”, and care is the bank’s guarantee to earn the trust of its surroundings for many decades to come.

About BBAC:

Founded in 1956, BBAC is today one of the leading Lebanese commercial banks, with total assets of USD 6.1 billion. BBAC provides a full scope of banking and financial services to individuals and corporations through an extensive network of 39 branches in Lebanon; one branch in Limassol-Cyprus, three branches in Iraq-Erbil, Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah, and two representative offices in Abu Dhabi-UAE and Lagos-Nigeria. As “Your Caring Bank”, BBAC constantly strives to be a reliable and accessible financial partner to its customers. Nevertheless, BBAC’s care goes beyond the ordinary framework of the banking industry to touch the needs of the whole community through its various social responsibility initiatives.