Resilience& Global Transformation Leadership has been shortlisted as Startup of the Year Award (2016)


London, UK; Resilience& has been successfully shortlisted for Startup of the Year Award (2016) by BOC Brilliance Awards.

A ‘passionate for excellence’ was the theme, ‘community-driven consulting firm’ was the vision, and ‘committed towards transformation’ was the action call.

startup-of-the-year-2016With those three pillars, a 2-years boutique consulting firm specialized in Transformation bringing 13+ years of consolidated and well-rounded experience of a business practitioner in EMEA; Resilience& has been successfully and uniquely shortlisted as Startup of the Year Award (2016).

Resilience& has a start-up has achieved the following records in less than 18 months:

  • Breakeven with 20 times growth;
  • Resilience& has initiated and innovated different leadership products in our niche in the consulting field, i.e. Business Transformation Advisory Services;
  • Within less than two years since the firm’s establishment; Resilience& has advised more than 20 mega enterprise clients in EMEA region;
  • Resilience& acquired multimillions advisory engagements;
  • Geographic coverage through 4 continental offices: (Global Network Office: in UK), (Europe Office: Greece), (Africa Office: Egypt) and (Asia/GCC Office: Kuwait)
  • Mobilized 35+ professionals in EMEA region;
  • Resilience& has crafted 12 independent practices with our unique approaches;
  • Acquired accounts in Government, Banking, Telecom, Real Estate, F&B, Fitness and Manufacturing;
  • Conducted 3 community-based initiatives for empowering the community towards transformation: Magazine, Mobile App and CSR empowerment seminars in EMEA region;
  • Innovated many Transformation-based products and services;
  • Resilience& has innovated and introduced the first Middle East Business Transformation Conference and Awards (2016) – Link;
  • Resilience& has crafted government transformation vision for 2020 for different countries (Link);
  • Resilience& has a global women-oriented Transformational Leadership Program (WTL);
  • Resilience& has crafted community transformational development practice and insights (Link);
  • Free researches and studies through Resilience& Research and Innovation Centre (Link).

A Promise to the community

Since startups are the real innovative fuel for the community, Resilience& is committed to keep its initial vision and its startup attitude towards empowering the community. An honour to maintain.