Cartlow Partners with Blue Ocean Global to Boost Circular Economy


The partnership will enable Blue Ocean Global to streamline its inventory and minimize e-waste

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Cartlow, the region’s leading re-commerce and reverse logistics facilitator across the UAE & KSA, has partnered with Blue Ocean Global, which represents some of the world’s top telecom, electronics, and small domestic appliance brands in an effort to streamline its product return flow, enhance conversion rate, and sustain a healthy inventory. Blue Ocean Global is the authorized distributor of brands including Black & Decker, Gigaset, Motorola, NEC, Milagrow, Godrej, and many more. In parallel, Cartlow’s advanced reverse logistics platform will empower the global distributor to eliminate waste from its reverse supply chain and direct it into the hands of Cartlow’s satisfied customer base. 

Cartlow’s partnership with Blue Ocean Global will support the latter in sustaining a healthy inventory and an elevated value proposition by utilizing the power of API integration, technology and by helping the reverse inventory journey, starting from receiving the item to refurbishing it until it reaches the last stage of selling on Cartlow. Furthermore, the collaboration will allow both parties to have an even greater impact on decreasing waste from returned, open-box, and clearance products, by reselling products on Cartlow’s popular re-commerce platform which has more than 1 million active users per month. Excess inventory is often discarded in large quantities, as the reselling of these items can be challenging. As such, the partnership between both entities is set to significantly improve Blue Ocean Global’s reverse inventory problems by helping with their sustainability and overall warehouse storage, whilst fuelling e-commerce growth in the region on a larger scale – a common goal for both entities. 

The recent agreement also comes in line with Cartlow’s expanding market presence, collaborating with leading distributors, retailers, and resellers in the region, after demonstrating its proven track record within the field of reverse logistics. Additionally, Cartlow’s innovative industry re-commerce platform operates with the goal of enhancing resellers, retailers, and distributors’ overall operational efficiencies through sustainable return management practices and sales channel capabilities. 

Commenting on Cartlow’s partnership with Blue Ocean Global, Mohammad Sleiman, Founder & CEO at Cartlow stated: “Our notable partnership with Blue Ocean Global will support them in achieving a more sustainable business model when it comes to stock and return management. Nowadays, leading distributors are rethinking the way they manage returned and overstock items, and we are here to assist them in achieving higher inventory recovery rates, improving warehouse utilization capacity, all whilst reducing their overall handling costs.”

Shahzad Ahmed, Chairman & CEO of Blue Ocean Global, added: “We are proud to be associated with Cartlow, the leading re-commence and reverse logistics facilitator in the region. We look forward to building a fruitful long-term relationship with Cartlow and seeing both our businesses grow together. At Blue Ocean Global, we have a large stream of brands within the small domestic appliances, telecom, cookware and FMCG segments that continuously require efficient and regular stock and return management, and we believe Cartlow will assist us in optimizing such operations.”

Since its launch in 2019, Cartlow has helped resellers, retailers, and distributors across the region access hundreds of products at below wholesale market prices for used, refurbished, and liquidation products, such as; mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, home appliances, and many more items. Similarly, the leading re-commerce provider has also assisted B2B ventures in increasing their recovery value and facilitating the flow of their inventories faster than usual, enabling them to optimize their operations, reduce costs and eliminate product wastage.

About Cartlow: 

Cartlow is the leading reverse logistics start-up in the MENAP region. The company combines re-commerce with returns experience and return management mechanisms to unlock the full potential and benefits of Cartlow’s end-to-end solution. The re-commerce provider sells pre-owned, refurbished, open-box, and clearance products across different categories including mobile phones, laptops, watches, TVs and other products on its online platform across the UAE & KSA. Cartlow’s main focus is sustainability and being 100% environmentally friendly by supporting the reduction of carbon emissions. The company was co-founded in 2019 by Mohammad and Nour Sleiman.

Cartlow procures products that are slow-moving, returned, pre-owned, or open-box from different partners in bulk at low-cost prices and sells them on its website and mobile application at bargain prices after passing their high-standard grading, testing, certification, and restoration processes.

About Blue Ocean Global Group:

Blue Ocean Global Group is a Dubai-based diversified business conglomerate with omni-channel market presence in the Middle East, Africa, Indian Subcontinent, Australia   and New Zealand, specializing in the distribution and marketing of small domestic appliances, telecom electronics, lifestyle accessories and FMCG products through its business verticals, e.g. retail, online and business-to-business distribution.

Blue Ocean Global Group and its affiliate companies undertake the distribution, sales, marketing, warehousing and after-sales services of the products it houses. The company’s affiliations with the market and relationship with the trade allows it to cater to the growing consumer demands within the region. 

Since Blue Ocean Global Group’s inception, it has experienced solid growth year-over-year. The group distributes and promotes its multi-segment products in over 40 countries. Blue Ocean Global Group is managed by a professional team and with its extensive regional experience, the company has partnered with some of the world’s leading brands which allows it to offer a wide range of product portfolio.