Whether your weakness is vegan Lotus biscuit, classic chocolate or white forest cake, gifting specialist Ferns N Petals has prepared tempting egg and dairy-free versions of all its most popular desserts ready for World Vegan Day, coming up on Monday, November 1

Dubai, UAE: Every year on November 1, vegans come together from across the world to celebrate World Vegan Day. Plant-based diets and food have experienced a boom in popularity over the last few years, and now there are countless vegan products and meals available on menus across the UAE. However, not many people manage to create decadent cakes that are totally animal-product free and healthy, but also taste delicious.

Thankfully, the expert bakers at Ferns N Petals have created an extensive range of beautiful, tasty and head-turning vegan cakes that taste just as amazing as the brand’s regular baked creations, if not even better. Egg and dairy-free, wonderfully soft and moist and decorated with style and flair, they provide the perfect sweet treat for World Vegan Day or indeed any day of the year. Not just for vegans or vegetarians, anyone who fancies a decadent piece of cake will adore these sensational masterpieces.

The vegan cakes are ideal as centrepieces for gatherings with families and friends, gifts for loved ones who are trying to make healthier choices, or as a special little something for yourself and your own family.  Whether you have a craving for vegan Lotus biscuit, classic chocolate or black forest, you can find them all at Ferns N Petals.

The choco vanilla rainbow vegan cake is particularly impressive as a party highlight. Decadent and chocolatey on the outside, the inside features a vibrant explosion of colourful layers. Meanwhile, if there’s just two of you celebrating World Vegan Day, the rainbow jars are a lovely bright and fun pick-me-up, and white chocolate fans will absolutely adore the vegan white forest cake, decorated with stunning edible flowers, vegan whipped cream and real fresh cherries.

Each cake comes sized for four, eight or 12 people, meaning that families and gatherings of all sizes will be able to experience the sumptuous flavours of vegan baking at its best.

About Ferns N Petals:

Founded in India in 1994, Ferns N Petals has grown to lead the flowers, cakes and gifts online marketplace, in India and beyond.  It has grown in leaps and bounds to become the largest online Gifting Portal in the UAE.

Ferns N Petals currently delivers across 400 cities & towns across India and 120 countries worldwide. Ferns N Petals has kept itself abreast with new technology and gives facility to its client to order flowers and gifts anytime anywhere.

Ferns N Petals has a physical presence in the UAE with distribution offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, with their own state of the art bakery in Dubai.